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For those who follow my adventures on Instagram, you would have realised that in the past year my time at the gym was MAJORLY reduced compared to the years prior. A new job, then a new role within that new job made it difficult indeed to line up with my gym buddies and actually get there. Excuses, excuses, blah. So I was considering replacing my burnt-out treadmill when I received an email from the team at asking if I’d be interested in doing a post.

It was a sign!

Off I went to check that they weren’t in fact crazy and all seemed legit. Even though no one seems to have much to say on their Facebook pages, the good and bad reviews seemed to match most internet sales spots. With that in mind, I agreed to the post. I scanned their website full of all the things (I think that could almost be a literally all the things) for an appropriately sized piece of exercise equipment I could use any old time I liked!

I chose an exercise bike, made by Genki. I sent off my order and the teeny tiny courier lady arrived with it not long afterwards. Mission accomplished. Soon I would be fit again. Soon I would be the queen of the bike.

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But apparently motivation cannot be purchased and delivered in a box from Crazy Sales. Darn it. Because despite the bike being awesome we have mostly used it for drunken sprint challenges on a Friday night with the men of the house competing to best each other for speed and strength in the tension modes. That said I have used it. Can review it as a product and am happy to report that it is everything it said it should be.

It is worth mentioning though that a new seat had to be procured. The racing style one that it comes with might be fine for those with already well-defined butt muscles. But for us, it felt like we had an entirely inappropriate exam conducted every time we sat on it. Not a hard, nor expensive fix. But one that was well worth it. I love my bike and I have lots of high hopes of turning this slump around sometime soon with it.

But was it a fluke?

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Did actually only pass the review because I was a blogger that they knew to treat well and send speedily? Well, I thought you might ask so I did some shopping myself. I just bought a house, remember? So there are plenty of things on the site that I would love for the new house. Renovations, gosh. But after a flood event in our storage shed what we really needed was some new linens! ASAP.

So I ponied up my money and put it where my mouth was. I placed an order under a friend’s name and had it delivered to my work address. Tricky right? This mattered to me. Lately, I’m really suspicious of websites that promise bloggers (me, for example) money and gifts in exchange for reviewing their processes. When all is said and done, unless I did this, then I don’t really get to use their process. Right? Not really.

And what was the result of my test flight? Well it all went REALLY well. The quilt and sheets I ordered arrived in good time, the product is as described and all in all it felt like the same experience as the one I had with the bike. Phew. Always a relief when these things work out, I mean, what IS the return postage on an exercise bike anyway?

So all is well that ends well and I hope my review was helpful. I’m going to finish this post here now and get on my bike. Any questions, I look forward to hearing from you in the comments as always. Happy shopping!

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