I really felt like the whole week couldn’t go by without a shopping post. I’d planned to update my old Where to Buy Plus Size Jeans post (still relevant) BUT Megan on Instagram asked about great jeans she could buy UNDER $100 and I thought this would be more fun. Let’s call it an over/under post shall we?

I went online shopping. 

With no monies, as usual, because I just spent my surplus DINK income on a large spa and the related paraphernalia including a spa warming party. Whoops. And not only that, but I own WAY more denim than a Queensland girl should. More jeans than any one girl could wear in this lifetime or the next. I’m greedy like that. 

But the upside of that is that YOU get the links and you can shop your fine self until you’re red in the face no matter your budget or personal style. Exciting, right!? I thought so. Below are links to the current trending jeans from local plus size retailers (local being Australian based).

All you need to do is click on the image of the jeans you’re interested in and a new window will pop out to let you view them. IF you have pop-ups disabled, you can right click open link in new tab. If you have any problems, let me know. Got it? Excellent, let’s shop!



Loophole Cropped Jogger - 17 Sundays

City Chic Embellished Denim Jean

Soho Capri Jeans - Embody Denim

Do you need new jeans? Now is THE TIME team, the options have never been better and the post-winter sales are starting to get underway. Got any questions? You know where the comments section is, give me a yell. x

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