My family was getting together tonight for a very special girl’s 3rd birthday. Around the time I should have been getting ready I was realising that I had nothing for the blog tomorrow. Whoops. Two birds with one stone and all that I decided to put a little effort into my outfit. I hadn’t really planned to. We were going to Pizza Hut. Hardly a flash joint. Though I do hear rumours it’s one of the last of its kind in the state… The dine in Hut style Pizza Hut. Do you have those where you are?

ANYWAY. The outfit was inspired by this red stripe top. I first pulled pants on then realised it was still 36 degrees and I was going to melt. So I ditched those and started adding different things until hey presto I looked like a sailor crossed with the whole Parisian chic thing. With less ironing. So despite having to grab photos at the front doors of my house, in front of the ENTIRE neighbourhood {see face below} I was set for this post.

I love when something so simple as chambray and stripes come together to make something awesome. This could be one of my new favourite outfits. Comfortable and yet it looks like I went to a lot of trouble. That’s a red-hot tip right there, if the outfit looks like you made an effort it really doesn’t matter if TO YOU it feels like you are wearing your pajamas. If anything, that’s a double win in my books.

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Stripe Top – City Chic 
Chambray Skirt – 17 Sundays
Belt – Picked up at a clothes swap
Necklace – Virtu {2012}
Shoes worn as scuffs – I forget! Whoops.

I’m heading through to Brisbane today with my cousin to see the new Tom Hanks movie Saving Mr Banks {squeeeeee based on the Walt Disney/Mary Poppins Author/Making of the movie story}. I have to be up and at ’em just after 5am which is torture of the cruelest kind for me. So wish me luck. And if you see me in or around the MYER centre Brisbane City, be kind. And bring coffee. Lots of coffee. HA.

  • Those striped shoes are the cutest!

  • PrincessEatsPeaSoup

    Normally, you would see me hanging out at the Myer Centre on a Friday. Checking out the mark downs at Myer on Friday afternoon is one of my favourite shopping tasks. Visit the new food court while you’re there – I am loving their new look. Although they do seem to have all the same disappointing chain food places that you see in every food court everywhere. But today I am waiting for the dog groomer to come and de-stink the dog I am dog-sitting for a friend. Have a look in Daiso while you are there (level 2, I think). Nobody can leave that store without finding one or two crazy objects that they didn’t realise they needed.

    I don’t think I have seen a dine-in Pizza Hut since the 80s.

    • Sorry to have missed you! Checking out the sales and food court sounds good. I didn’t get this until too late. I’ll be sure to check it out next time I am in town.

      I know, it’s meant to be a bit of a rarity these days. It’s really lots of fun.

  • Trudie Bristow

    Hun this is a fab outfit, I’d actually wear this combo. I love skirts and dresses with pockets they’re all sorts of wonderful. You’ve done a cheeky double up on stripes, love it. Then there’s the subtle pattern clash with the skirt print and stripes. There’s just loads here I’m loving.

    Hope you’re enjoying Brissy today and not drooling on the shoulder of the person next to you because you fell asleep from that crazy early start.

    Big love.

    • Thanks muchly Trudie! I had a great day, but sheesh, mornings really don’t like me. Haha.

  • What a cute, cute outfit! If I had that outfit, I’d wear it a lot. 🙂 And you get to see the movie Saving Mr. Banks?! I’ve been waiting to see that. Doesn’t get released here in the U.S. for another week or two. Have fun!!

    • Thank you! I do love a stripes + chambray combination.

      And yes I did! It was a media preview. It’s not out here until the 9th January. And I loved it. It’s truely something wonderful. I’ll be seeing it again.