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Our first official morning in Melbourne Liv and I, in our capacity as official Curvy Couture Road Show 2015 bloggers, were asked to attend the Blogger’s Brunch at the gorgeous Little Mule Cafe. Hosted by the event organisers it gave us the perfect opportunity to catch up with the other bloggers, meet some new faces and drink all the coffee Melbourne had on offer. Yum.

In a last-minute outfit switch, I changed into a completely different outfit than I had planned before leaving. I wore my very 90’s City Chic, dual-layer top, paired with the always there when you need it Harlow Scuba Skirt, and my New Balance sneakers. Then because Melbourne was being Melbourne, the duster jacket from How very 90’s sitcom girl of me, don’t you think?

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So that’s what I wore, but what did we do?

Well, I’m glad you asked. The ladies all met at the cafe, Liv and I, on time for once made a little detour around the block before finding the location just 15 minutes after the start time. A new record. Settling into the bar stools around the lavishly presented tables (Melbourne, you’re so pretty) we gave out hugs and semi-squealed hellos.

With breakfast served, and more coffee ordered, we received a rundown of the Curvy Couture Road Show 2015 events to follow. The media times, the event, the after party. We had all the details, and things just continued to get more and more exciting. We were here. Yeeeesss. All the time and effort spent to get here was a memory now. Now it was time to let our hair down and enjoy.

Which of course we did. Big time. HA.

Let me say though that these bloggers, the women we have met through blogging, they make up some of the best people I know. Sure we live interstate some of us, dress differently, enjoy different things. But in the end when we scooped Nat and Hayley up and dragged them back to our hotel room, we were as at home as if we had known each other our entire lives. That’s the upside of sharing yourself online. The plus in a world that can seem full of negatives. There are people out there who will be your friend, genuinely, if you let them. And that’s the best bit!

Now, some more photos!

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Great venue right? Are you in Melbourne and would like to check out The Little Mule yourself? Pop over to their Instagram page for all the details. A big thank you also goes out to the organisers for such a gorgeous venue, brunch and taking time out of what was obviously a busy schedule to organise this for us.

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  • Cassy Lee Joyce

    Looks delicious, I will have to check it out.

    Also, fantastic kicks!

  • I lurve that duster jacket – amazing!
    You girls look awesome -what a fab day!

    • Thank you Claire! It’s certainly become a favourite of mine too. I think it’s sold out at the moment but I’ll keep an eye out for new release.

  • Looks like a great time! Wonderful photos Mel, love the pops of green on the tables 🙂

    • It was such a fun time! Never long enough, of course, but we did enjoy some bloggy bonding afterwards. And yes, the tables were gorgeous! x

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