Welcome back to another Suger’s Place update! Last time we talked about the house, the glossy for sale pics (from 3 years ago) and the style of the design, now cozy industrial. The renovation is in full swing, the pieces are falling together. The painting is almost done, the servery window through to the kitchen is finished and we have cleaned, sanded and prepared the house to within an inch of its life. We have removed some carpets and old blinds, repaired a few broken doors and changed the locks. And that doesn’t count the work to come outside. And as proof, here’s an iPhone pic collage of our adventures so far. We are totally Block worthy, don’t you think?

So it is with fingers firmly crossed that we say that we hope for it all to be done this week. In theory. Probably. We’ll see how it goes. If you’ve got any magical wishing dust or spare prayers, throw them our way behind our very first world problem. Thanks muchly. And now for some photos taken yesterday afternoon. The latest and greatest update. I call this update, ladders for days.

Eeeep. So close now. And for those playing at home, we move in this weekend fully and officially. So if you had plans to set up camp in my yard, you missed your chance. Oh shucks. Haha. This is me, signing off. I’ll update you all when we move in. If I can pry my eyeballs apart.

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