Slouchy Sporty Casual Outfit for Winter |

Winter finally dipped a tentative toe into the waters that are my hometown this week. We even lit the fireplace a couple of times. Whoa. Progress. So when I took an early mark from work (post-holiday blues have hit me hard) Mr Suger and I decided to grab some dinner out and forget our grown up problems for a few hours.

Because that’s what grown-ups do.

With nothing to see at the local cinema and a cold evening settling in we settled for sushi at our local. And sushi always calls for the slouchy, stretchy goodness that is my current favourite. Excited to pull out some ‘cold weather’ gear I went straight for pleather leggings and a slouchy knit. The slouchy knit happens to be a dress actually, but well, at 178cm, it’s a little short on me but works well as a tunic.

And it’s super cosy.

And I wore sneakers because my boot situation has hit critical levels. I have my Bared Footwear boots (too flat, too black for this outfit) and my ancient Bare Foot Tess nude boots (too dirty from work visits). But that is IT! Last season I had like ten pairs of boots. I’ve let my boot game slide as I’ve worn down all my favourites until they met an untimely end in the wheelie bin. Someone remind me to go boots shopping, please? Seriously, seen any great ones about?

But yes, outfit. And since I was all dressed up, my hair had been washed and dealt with, I grabbed the camera on the way out the door, we diverted past my new favourite grey wall and hey presto, an outfit post. With a side order of isn’t our life interesting and worthy of a blog post since we went out and got dinner.

Blog life man, blog life. Haha.

Slouchy Sporty Casual Outfit for Winter | Slouchy Sporty Casual Outfit for Winter | Slouchy Sporty Casual Outfit for Winter | Slouchy Sporty Casual Outfit for Winter | Slouchy Sporty Casual Outfit for Winter | Slouchy Sporty Casual Outfit for Winter |

Wearing 17 Sundays Ankle Freezer Coated Leggings and Knot Front Dress (sold out, try the slouchy black tee for the same sort of look) and my trusty (somewhat crusty) Converse sneakers. 

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  • Renae

    Seriously loving that photo with your leg stretched out! Fun fun!

    • Haha. Me too. I had to include it. Only I could manage to ‘fall off’ of sneakers. Gosh.

  • So cool and casual and fun. I love simple outfits that make you feel awesome and look great at the drop of a hat too 🙂

    • Thanks Samantha! And they are the best, right? Slip them on and hey presto, I’m kicking ass at life.

  • Ha ha, that is NOT a winter outfit. Well not here in Tassie anyway.

    • Hahahaha. Well, I’d know nothing of that here in Queensland. I’m still wearing shorts and a tank most nights. 😉