Why I refuse to be afraid to wear a bikini | www.sugercoatit.com

This could be a VERY short post. A super short one, but well, you know me I’ll make it long just because. But the short reason I refuse to be AFRAID to wear a bikini is because, afraid is for spiders or clowns or being murdered in your sleep, not someone seeing your stomach.


It’s clothing folks, it’s nothing to be afraid of. And if you’re anything like me then a bikini might just work out better for you. Firstly, interchangeable sizes and no length issues. It’s the same as the tankini (which I’ll talk about later this week) but with a little less material and a little extra oomph.

Since Gabi from Gabifresh launched her first “fatkini” in the market 3 (ish?) years ago plus size women everywhere have been embracing their bellies. Women who hadn’t worn swimsuits for years were parading in front of their mirrors, by the pool and on the beach in their bikini. And that vibe, it spread.

No longer the domain of the ab exceptional amongst us, the bikini is cool, everyone is doing it. Whether your style is sporty and functional or stringy and sexy, there’s a bikini in the marketplace somewhere FOR YOU. It’s fun. Because that’s the point. It’ll soon be summer and I want to see you happy wearing whatever the heck makes you happy.

Maybe a bikini won’t be your thing. But if it is, and you’ve been afraid to wear it, then I one hundred percent am behind you doing what you want. Wearing what you want. I always will be. A great way to ditch the fear of wearing a bikini is to build up to wearing in public. Practice at home by wearing it around your house. Get used to the wind on your belly then build up to beach days with family and friends.

But let me assure you of one thing, you have every right to wear that bikini. Every right! And bonus as far as I know, I googled it so I’m pretty sure, a bikini hasn’t killed anyone yet. Oh man, I hope you’re not the first. Haha.

  • That’s a great bikini. It’s so hard to find swimwear with decent boob support!

    I’m not a bikini person but then I’m not a beach person at all. All that sun! But I imagine you have to be very careful wearing a bikini for the first time in years because that’s a lot of virgin skin for potential sun burn!

    • It really is. And it would be even better if I hadn’t ordered the wrong cup size (I honestly didn’t realise the cup size varied, whoops). The print is THE BEST.

      Yes!! Those first few times out you have to be super careful with the fresh white skin that for some of us hasn’t seen the light of day in like, ever. I burnt my belly a little the first year and it was crazy painful.

  • Cinbec

    I have a tankini but am not sure that my lopsided boobs and I can make peace long enough for anything less!

    • I love the tankini too, I have a post coming up tonight about my love of the tankini. Especially when a bit of coverage and sturdiness is required. Wear what makes you happy! If that’s a tankini, go team.

  • I absolutely love this. I want to be confident enough to strut my junk in a bikini but after having kids I just haven’t gained that back…. yet.

    You look absolutely amazing!! And you definitely should rock your bikini!!

    • My cousin is the fittest gym babe out there and after three kids she has some hang ups about her body in a bikini. It happens. Bodies change. ESPECIALLY when there are small humans involved. But don’t let it stop you from doing what you want to do. I’ve got your back. And thank you lovely. Lucky, I’ve been collecting quite a few over the last year or so. Haha.

  • I wore my Kimbakini recently when we went away for the weekend. A proper bra bikini top is the most flattering thing. The higher the boobs the more elongated the torso!

    Yeah, I have rolls and wobbly bits and thighs and scars. And I’m hella old.

    I wear my bikini. Because I can. But not at the water park. No one needs to be hit in the head by a flying EnormoBoob!

    • Haha. LOOOOOOOVE. And right? It’s about wearing what works for you, and boobs in your face and others doesn’t (always? lol) work.

  • mighty maz

    Life’s too short too struggle with one pieces in the change room lol

  • Kace

    Love your confidence! I’ve tried bikinis on at City Chic the last few years but never taken the plunge. It’s a strange thought pattern, but sometimes I worry what my closest loved ones would say seeing me in a bikini! I know it wouldn’t be negative, but having never seen me bare that much skin! Haha. My goal for this year is to at least wear my tankini with no board shorts! 😊

    • I understand that. Sometimes it’s the people closest to us we worry about most. I still remember the first time I wore like a sports crop and bikini bottoms to the beach with my family, I thought they’d all be like, wtf are you DOING!? But it didn’t come up.
      LIKE, AT ALL. Zip. I could’ve used a little more commentary actually, it might’ve reminded me to reapply my sunscreen on my poor pale belly. Haha. So find that bikini you LOVE, wear it when you want to and have some fun. 😉

  • saraneth

    Also that is an awesome bikini, it fits you well and is a style with a pattern that suits you. I finally feel the same way, if it fits wear it, fashion is more about your attitude then your body shape or clothing.