On Saturday night I attended the Aussie Curves meet up in Melbourne. You know, while I was there. It didn’t feel like a Melbourne meet up because bloggers had come from all over the place for Curvy Couture Road Show and they were all keen to party! Well I was keen so I’m pretty sure they were feeling pretty darn keen themselves. When the time came, we dressed, we did a lap or two of a Melbourne city block {stupid driving instructions, not walk} and arrived at the venue a 2 minute walk from our accommodation.


Liv and Em were even able to run home mid-party to change their shoes and grab my business cards. We were THAT close. We arrived and followed a gorgeous plus model {later we learned it was in fact Chanel, who we had mistaken for Fiona, awkward}. This gorgeous creature led us up about a million stairs to the rooftop bar. We had arrived. Shoot, we’d walked up more stairs than steps back to our apartment. Haha.


And all of a suddenly it was too hot for the adorable jacket I’d worn so I slipped it off, dumped my bag and did my best impression of someone desperate for the bar. It’s a pretty good impression if I do say so myself. Very believable. But there’s an important part of the story I’m missing. The bag dumping was done with some of THE COOLEST Aussie Curves chicks you would ever meet. Right up there with my Queensland buddies.

We introduced ourselves. I complained that Melbourne was as warm and muggy as home. I’m pretty sure I swore loudly and complained about being starving. Which I was. Promise. I had eaten two slices of toast, no crust with butter and a QANTAS cookie all day. I had a severe case of the wine flu {HA. Google just tried to change that to swine flu. Um no} after drinking too much wine with dinner the night before at Mel’s place. But I was recovered and ready to rock and roll.


So thank you to those ladies for welcoming me. Offering me a seat. Giving me the low down on the weather. Then spinning me around in a circle and pointing me towards the bar for a much needed refreshment. I tried getting all your names and Instagram accounts etc sorted but didn’t want to miss anyone. So if that was you. Thanks for being cool.

There were soooo many people there. Not just our group but the Bella models, loads of folks from brands and the general public. I met lots of people. Said hello to plenty that I know via my inbox. I was squished and prodded and poked. It was fabulous. Feel the blogger love, you know? I’ve said it before, there is something pretty darn special about people who just get you. The blog part AND especially the plus-size fashion part.


I had such a great night. Seriously. And I stayed until the skies opened up and it started to rain on us. It was late. I was up to my eyeballs in vodka soda and by this time pizza. I bid goodnight to the last ladies standing and made for my accommodation to join my roomies for the weekend. As I wandered into the room and found they had bought me twisties and gatorade as a late night snack, I knew it was going to be an amazing weekend…

And that, my friends was only the beginning. 

FYI > I wore an Ashley Stewart jacket, Target long line top, Boohoo quilted skirt and Barefoot Tess booties with an ASOS clutch



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