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I’m logged into tonight, from our camper in Rotorua, to finish the first couple of days of Confident You’s first week. Because well, nothing says live an impressive life you love like that does. I’m loving the digital nomad life. I dream of the day when we can travel around all the time and blog and eat and drink and live. The people I’ve met, the places I’ve seen, well that’s just what life is about.

And you thought I was a talker.

That Mr. Suger, HE is the talker.

I often get left off the side of conversations wandering in and out as he regales people with tales of our travels, life at home and all the things he’s learned from Tourist Radio (so handy, we’ve loved this thing) about the area. A font of information, which if you know Kel, is nothing new. Haha. We’ve been having the best time.

And so far, only one or two hissy fits. Ok, maybe a couple more. BUT I’ve been really impressed with us. When we first met and got married Kel was away a few days a week and we always joked that that space did us good. Two strong personalities, the room to breathe works out well. And in a camper, well, there’s nowhere to go with THAT. But I’m happy to report that all is well and we will both be coming home in one piece. God willing.

And now, get your data ready because I loaded soooooooome photos. I have A LOT. I’m having to empty my SD card every couple of days as I load it up with image after image of this beautiful place. I mean, come ooooon. It’s amazing. I’m coming back. Why wouldn’t I? It’s less than 4 hours from home (I know, I’m so lazy) and it’s like a whole new world.

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Ahhh New Zealand, you pretty thing. We’re having a ball. Now it’s full steam ahead to Hobbiton and back through to Auckland to fly home. Until then, if you’re participating in Confident You, I’m counting on you to be active in the group Facebook Page and in the emails. Because well, we all know I’m a little eyeball deep in wine right now. Haha. See you at home soon team. x

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  • Ah, so beautiful! You just can’t take a bad photo. So glad to hear you haven’t killed each other in the little camper yet 🙂 Dream holiday, enjoy the rest of it!

    • Haha. Thank you Sarah. I can though, I have plenty that didn’t make the cut. Like HUNDREDS. lol. And phew right? Lucky. Not long left here now, we are just soaking it up and preparing to head home. Sob.

  • Gorgeous photos and LOL, there is a real art to living in an RV … we travelled Australia for 6 months in a caravan so I know that from experience!!!

  • Trudie Bristow

    Stunning. NZ has been in my list for a while. My in laws went for the first time about five years ago and jump at the chance to return. In fact they’re going in October and got return airfares for $150 each. So yeah why wouldn’t you go and fill yourself on this beautiful place.

    • Exactly, our flights to Auckland were such great value. Every time we find out another place people think we should go, we are like, oh don’t worry, we are COMING BACK! It’s just so beautiful and fun.

  • Guh! SO BEAUTIFUL! When I was in NZ, I didn’t get to see much of it, but what I did was breath taking! I’ve always wanted to go back and hope I have that opportunity. I loved how hilly it was and how the sheep would kneel on their front legs but the back legs straight due to the slope of the hill! Are you doing any of the South Island?

    • It’s such an amazing place, so beautiful and such a wide range of landscapes. Gorgeous. We didn’t get to the south island this time but it’s on our list for next time for sure. x

  • Stunning pics there Melissa. I followed your holiday via social media and loved the mix of exploration and relaxing you seemed to manage AND catching up with others and socialising.

    I’ve only been to NZ once and it was nearly 2 decades ago which is a bit scary!

    • Haha. We’ve been trying to get there for a decade, not too shabby. And I’m so glad we finally did, we had THE BEST time. And like you said, it was a great combination of those things. Loved it.

  • What wonderful photos! The one of the waterfall is absolutely gorgeous. It would be so hard to leave such beauty.

    • Thank you! I had a great time capturing pics this trip. And boy oh boy was it tough to come home. Haha.

  • Grace

    Oh, you lucky thing! What an amazing adventure you and Mr Suger are having! I love the waterfall photo too but the one with the rapids took my breath away as well. And look at you getting one with nature, hiding behind the trees. Cutie x

    • We had the best time! So much fun and so many beautiful things to do and see.

      Haha. Nature, right!? LOL. This was a walk up to a look out that apparently had become a little overgrown since the summer traffic had finished. 😉