hope & harvest spring summer plus size fashion SS 2014-8

Earlier this year, the night before Liv’s wedding to be exact, Harvest from the brand Hope & Harvest came to Brisbane. While she was here, Liv organised a Queensland Plus Blogger dinner for her. During the dinner, Harvest mentioned the new collection and how much she thought we’d love it. “I’ll let you know when it’s coming out,” she said before she disappeared into the car of her designated driver.

And let us know she did.

Nauticas SS14 launched a week (or two?) ago and on Friday Liv of Wait Until the Sunset, Emma and I donned the clothes Harvest had crammed into a giant post-bag and grabbed some pics. And by some, I mean well over one hundred; most of which are great, funny or awesome. So with that in mind, welcome back our friend the slide post.

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  • You just made my day and it’s only 3am. I freaking love this collection. Usually I’d go straight for that white zip off jacket or the blue stripe detail midi dress (both of which I do love) but I am totally crushing on the tee, and loving the bird kimono wrap top.

    These blogger reviews are fabulous – the fun and energy leaps off the screen. Makes me wish I could be there, or as a close second, buy all the clothes to capture the fun myself x

    • Haha. Glad to be of service Ms Jo. Hope all is well in the land of the bub. You’d be moving by now too, wouldn’t you? Anyway, YES, so much fun and if you are ever in Queensland consider it done. You’ll love hanging out with the girls up here, they are a laugh a minute. x

  • Mel Watson

    It looks like fun was had by all! Love it!
    All of the Hope & Harvest pieces look amazing & so wearable for anyone! I really like that about Hope & Harvest from what I have seen here on your blog! That bird print top/jacket/kimono is the bomb diggitty! So gorgeous!

    • Lots of fun! Glad to have introduced you to another fab Australian brand. That bird top IS all kinds of wonderful, Liv rocked it.

  • H2289

    Sooooo in love with the bird wrap top- ordered it on Friday with the white jacket. Kind of in love with the skirt and maybe the t-shirt as well.

    Blogger reviews are the best idea. Gives me so many ideas on how I could wear these beautiful pieces.

    • Haha. That’s one heck of a list you have there. Enjoy your pieces when they arrive. The tee is pretty fab, especially for me because it’s a longer length. SO GOOD.

      That really is the best bit, right? Sooooo many ways to style a piece.

  • Love the tees – and the other pieces are great too! Great shoot 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah! The tees are my favourite too. Longline tees are so hard to find. So good.

  • MrDeepInCuddles

    Oooo curvy women are just soooo juicy, delicious, and wonder!

  • AJ

    Hi where is the star print denim shirt from? Please

    • It was a gift from a friend, but it is tagged Old Navy. Not sure of how recent or if available in Australia. Hope that helps. 🙂

      • AJ

        Thanks for replying, I’m in uk anyway.