Be SO good they can't ignore you

I went and tumbled down a rabbit hole this afternoon. I was editing photos and decided that I’d listen to the commencement speech by Jim Carrey everyone online is currently raving about. I listened as I clicked through photos, changing light and colour and cropping. I heard him talk about life and living. I sniffled not entirely because of the cold I have. I switched back to the YouTube screen and went back over some parts again and again.

Then as my toes turned into ice with the closing in of the evening I wanted more.

So I clicked through and listened next to J.K. Rowling and Oprah Winfrey at Harvard. I listened and took in their words in the same way I had been drawing in hot lemon tea in the days prior. The spoke of imagination, of fear and of success and failure. These women who have created such impressive, vast lives spoke to me from the laptop speakers and I listened.

Life. Lessons. Shared experiences and experiences that I can only stretch my mind to imagine. And in a moment I was inspired. I forgot everything that I was doing and I sat to write this. I didn’t have anything in particular to say. I don’t even have an idea now that I am this far into it. But I wanted to remind you that inspiration happens. That there are people out there that you can access for free who can and will inspire you. Thank you interwebs.

I know what it is to feel uninspired and have nothing to say. It happens to me often. But when I am sitting here or there and I’m waiting for something to show up for me, often it does. I’m not lucky, not even that smart, I am open. Someone once called me easily enrollable. I am easily inspired and moved into action. Easily excited. Open.

So I encourage you to give it a try. Start with the videos below and go from there. Find the words out there in the world today that will have you sit up straight and find your voice. Your inspiration. Because the sun shines from the heart of people who are inspired or have inspiration. It really does, I won’t apologise for saying something so very obviously woo woo. So find your thing, your space and most of all, allow yourself a moment to be inspired.

Then go be inspiring.  


Jim Carrey

Oprah Winfrey

J.K. Rowling


  • sheribombblog

    I want to watch Oprah’s I just haven’t had the time yet although this is my lunch break so now seems good, but I watched the Jim Carrey one and O.M.G! Love love LOVED it!! I spent so much of it nodding and clutching my chest. Brilliant! I’m proud to be a bit woo woo. That’s all life is really, a whole lot of woo woo, so why not make it your own huh? Here I go to watch the big O…

    • How did you go? Did ya see it yet? Did ya? She was so adorable, I could feel the anxiety about speaking at Haaaaarvard. Jim Carrey was indeed brilliant. I’d read in a few articles that he was smart, but this was pretty darn brilliant.

      • sheribombblog

        I did! I didn’t enjoy it as much as Jim Carrey’s but yes, I can only imagine how that must have felt for her at Haaaarvard haha Jim Carrey is bloody brilliant, I’ve always known this but I never realised JUST how brilliant until I saw this clip. So glad I decided to watch the whole thing rather than that little grab that started going around the internet, it’s not even the best bit in my opinion haha But lets face it, the whole thing was the best bit!

  • Mahina Hathaway

    I think all of us fall into the trap of thinking that inspiration is always a chance thing. And we forget that we can go looking for inspiration too. I know I do. And my wonderful mother, who is generally always actively pursuing inspiration, reminds me to go out and look for it! Google inspirational people, talk to friends/loved ones and find out what inspires them, share what has inspired you (like you have done here) and see what comes back to you in return.

    I am inspired by people like you. People who communicate, who share and who actively make life beautiful in all its honesty and realities. I used to feel uninspired, and it wasn’t until I realised that it was because I was surrounding myself with uninspiring people and things that I could see where I could improve. I made a change and sought out inspiring people to draw off and my life is so much better for it! I love Ted talks. There is one in particular that really resonates with me. Its Eve Ensler speaking about her concept of the girl cell. I highly recommend it!

    • We can indeed go looking. Sometimes I think if we wait, sit there and mope it will never come. Ever. You’ve made some awesome suggestions for people reading this post, thanks!

      Thank you Mahina. I appreciate that. I’m glad to hear you went out there and found your inspiration. That’s my favourite thing ever.

  • You should check out the Steve Jobs one he did for Stanford. It’s make especially poignant by his passing.

    • OMG. I took your advice and you were SO right. Sooooo right. Thanks Rachel.