It’s been a while in the making this outfit. It started as a dream long after the last jacket in my size had been sold. I had eyed off this floral blazer at Virtu for ages, finally I put it on hold with the plan of returning the following week to pay for it and make it mine. Life got in the way. I can’t remember now what happened but all I know is that it was ages before I remembered that jacket and it was gone.

GONE. Gasp.

I looked everywhere for it. I offered to buy it secondhand. I begged fellow bloggers to give, loan or sell me theirs. No luck. The people who owned them loved them and weren’t parting with them. Even Liv who has always, always opened her wardrobe doors wide for me was a like “errr no way dude” when I joked about borrowing it. She was concerned I wouldn’t bring it back. Let’s face it, so was I.

Then Cait decided that she might sell hers.


If I was interested.

And I was keen. After a push from Liv I paid the piper and it was winging its way to me. It was MINE. My dreams of a floral suit had been realised. The moment was here. The moment I could match the skirt in the same print {which I already owned} with the blazer and be all “hello eighties floral power suit” about it. Today folks is about dreams coming true. About floral business suits. And mostly about complaining about something until someone caves and gives into what you want! HA.

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Have you EVER had ‘I wish I’d bought that’ shoppers remorse? Did you ever find one?

  • You looking AMAZING! I don’t think anyone but you could pull this off Suger! Love it

    • Thank you L-A. I think I only pull it off because I was so darn determined that it WOULD work. Fashion stubbornness. 😉

  • Kelly Burstow

    I love it.

  • Renae

    2 words: “Bold” and “Beautiful”. What a great look, and I’m sure well worth the wait (although waiting sucks!) A few times I bought a pair of shoes that I ended up loving and thought “next time I’ll buy 2 pairs” but you never know how much you’ll love them until they’re out of stock!!

    How is the gym going? Are you feeling like you’re back into your “lean and mean” groove? All the best 🙂

    • Thank you Renae! Soooo worth the wait. And yes, I’ve been there, haha, with the shoes and buying a second pair.

      And yes! Back on a roll, been at the pool a lot though lately and loving it. I still try to do a couple of classes a week to make my membership worthwhile!


    Dude, there is a lesson in there – if you love it, buy it.

  • Great suit!

    Buyer’s remorse, hell yeah. When I was in Japan last year, I got off the train in Nagasaki and wandered, with all my bags, through the department store attached to the train station. I found this super cute red beret with a red and white polka dot bow on the side. No only that, it came with other bows to mix and match. Plus it looked sensational when I tried it on. But it was $60 and a bit of a hassle when i had all my stuff. Still… Went back on my way out of town and the only one they had was on the window display mannequin! Had to make the choice between catching the bus to the airport and making my flight on time or buying the beret… I should’ve caught a later flight!

    • Ugh. I hear you. Not buyers remorse is the worst! Catching your flight was probably for the best though… Probably. 😉

  • stinkb0mb

    Floral. Anything. I just don’t get it and I honestly don’t think I ever will LOL!

    I want to say you look great but I just can’t and it’s nothing to do with YOU, it’s THAT suit and the floral, oh the floral. In complete contrast – I showed Guv your photo’s and he said you look great, he LOVED the suit!

    Ahhhh you can’t please everyone can you and as long as YOU love what you’re wearing, which I know you do, stuff my opinion!

    As for the buyers remorse….just once, when I was in the UK last, just over 3 years ago, I eyed off a Union Jack box clutch, it was gorgeous, it was sequinned and sparkly and it came in straight silver or the colours of the flag, I wanted to buy both [around $50 each] and swore I’d go back & buy them before I left but I didn’t and I STILL regret not going back and it wasn’t even as if I couldn’t afford them, I mean I came back from that holiday WITH money…..sigh.

    I should have gone back.

    • Baahaha. I actually was never a floral person either. A much bigger fan of stripes {that’s still true!}. But I like this print. It’s one of only a few that don’t occur to me as too sickly.

      Big thanks to Guv! *waves*

      Gosh, THAT sucks. Been there, SO been there.

  • Kelli Jo Woodson

    if you ever decide to retire it, please consider me. i have never seen something so lovely, and now i’m having a non-buyer’s buyer’s remorse. psh.
    lovin’ it.

    • Haha. Will do Kelli Jo! I hear you. This baby is like the poster child for non-buyer’s remorse.

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