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It had been a big weekend. I let my hair dry in a pony tail and waited for the time to come for us to leave the house. Popcorn for dinner with a movie would have been my preference, but there were places to go and people to see. I reached into my suitcase from the weekend and dragged on this denim a skirt and the flawless tee combination.

I’m pretty sure I’d dropped pizza on the skirt but figured it was still good. That’s how tired I was. Those girls had worn me out. Apparently the idea of wearing pizza stains was a good idea. Haha. And you thought things were all classy fashion around here. Well, sometimes it’s what I put together to wear out to eat.

Luckily the quality of the skirt and a cute as heck plaid tee makeup for my overall lameness. I picked up the tee from Wet Seal Plus via Mel of Curvy Cartel. That lady keeps me in cool stuff like no one’s business. It was born to be worn with my 17 Sundays gear. The denim especially. A simple tuck of the shirt, pull on some sneakers, and I was all set to go. Lazy girl weekend style for the win.

wet seal plus size plaid tee 17 sundays denim skirt casual outfit-7 wet seal plus size plaid tee 17 sundays denim skirt casual outfit-3 wet seal plus size plaid tee 17 sundays denim skirt casual outfit-10Flawless Top – Wet Seal Plus (sold out online)
Old Flame Denim Skirt – 17 Sundays {size 24 – gifted}
Adidas Sneakers – via eBay

{disclosure}wet seal plus size plaid tee 17 sundays denim skirt casual outfit-4

What do you wear on the weekend when you could really do with a nap?


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  • Olivia

    Wore you out?! Ha!!

    • Haha. The drinking and snoring wore me out. And after that hens party you went to, I’m not sure how you made it through. I bow down! 😉

  • Mel Watson

    Yep love this outfit! I also am soooooo glad to see that you sometimes do popcorn at the movies instead of dinner! So nice to know that I am not the only one that does that! Yay us lol! =)

    • It’s the best. My favourite dinner, I’m lame like that. Haha.

      • Mel Watson

        I wouldn’t call that lame Mel I would call it A. smart and B. awesome lol! =)

  • Tina

    I have been eyeing off this skirt on their website but was hoping it was stocked in my local myer but no luck. Does it have much stretch? I would prefer to wear a bit lower on my hip. I can’t decide on 14 or 16. Looks fab! Xx

    • I sized up for the more relaxed fit, then I’ve pulled it higher and tightened the string, I think it you are normally the 14, the 16 would be perfect. Good luck!

  • Dresses for the win! When I’m too tired or lazy to decide on an outfit(*) I pick out one of my go-to dresses, and maybe one of my go-to cardigans if it’s breezy. Hair stays down if it’s clean or goes in a clip if it’s not quite there, and the outfit is completed with a visit to the bathroom for the earrings I left by the sink the previous day (and a necklace if I encounter one on the way and I’m feeling particularly classy). Five-minute glam.

    (*) chronic fatigue means this is pretty much every day, so it’s a good thing I have a lot of dresses (and cardies)

    • Oh yeeeeah. I have house dresses that I walk in the door after work, strip off my pencil skirts and blouses and slide right into them. The best. Going out ones are awesome too. A fall back in my life as well.