I have a funny story about maxi skirts actually. From my misspent youth that was absolutely not misspent. I had this mermaid hemmed, brown velour maxi skirt. It was divine. It was ridiculous really when I think about it. I wore it with ADIDAS t-shirts or loose, lightweight singlets, crazy hair and flip-flops. It hung low on my hips and gave a peek of tanned skin, often with ties to a ridiculously too small bikini hanging out the sides. I was a beach bum to the last.

One day, in my beach bum finery, I had to drive into Brisbane to collect a friend from the train station. As I stepped onto the escalator I KNEW I was in trouble. I felt the skirt grab in the steps. My mind immediately flashed to my tiny underwear as the skirt began to drag into the steps. I was too far from the emergency stop and on my own so there was no one to run for it. Uh oh!! I held the majority of the skirt firmly in my hands hoping to prevent it being sucked in. The end was near and I knew, if I don’t get this skirt out of these steps, I’m going to be skirt-less in the middle of a train station. Teeny tiny bottoms on display.

Shit. Shiiiiiiiit!

And yet, the entire time, I was trying to look all casual cool. Attempting to not display the panic at being sucked skirt-less into an escalator. I would not embarrass myself by yelling out for help. I would manage. I would make it through in a vain attempt at elegance and whimsical aloofness. I had less than a metre to go and the steps ahead of me where beginning to collapse. It was now or never. I had to either step out of my skirt and hope I could remove it OR give it an almighty tug and risk face-planting…

I chose the latter. I braced myself, the skirt and gave it a two-handed tug throwing myself into the side-rail as my skirt tore and released… The remaining steps collapsed in on themselves and I stepped confidently off the escalator. Heart racing. Skirt almost entirely intact. Underwear still on the inside. I strutted to my friends platform, grabbed them and streaked {stormed?} back out.  Taking the stairs, of course.

Moral of the story? Don’t go to train stations. HA. 

And all of that has ZERO to do with this fab outfit I put together for maxi skirt week. Usually the maxi is worn as a casual item. More often than not it’s for casual meet ups, dinners and what-not. So I knew I wanted to layer my shimmery dress from Harlow under a maxi skirt for an evening look. Add some lippie, hair swept off to the side and wedges and I’m ready…

A maxi skirt is one of those killer wardrobe items that can take you from day to night and back again. Literally. You can sleep in these babies. Mmmm comfy. I wear them a lot myself. Dressed down with a tucked in t-shirt and converse, knotted at the hem to add a bit of interest. Well that’s what I say, it’s mostly to stop me tripping over. Sometimes I wear this beautiful fabric skirt I have from years ago with a silky wrap top for that sexy Meryl at the Oscars look. They are so versatile. Get on board!

evening maxi skirt outfit plus size-11 evening maxi skirt outfit plus size-4 evening maxi skirt outfit plus size-3 evening maxi skirt outfit plus size-6evening maxi skirt outfit plus size-1evening maxi skirt outfit plus size-12evening maxi skirt outfit plus size-2evening maxi skirt outfit plus size-8 evening maxi skirt outfit plus size-10

Shine Bright Dress worn as Top – Harlow Australia {gifted}
Maxi Skirt – Kmart
Necklace and Earrings – Unknown
Wedges – Target – Yes! AGAIN {gifted}



  • sheribombblog

    Love the shimmer! A little more on our conversation re my stature the other day…I’ve been told that maxi skirts/dresses make me look statuesque! Woot for making the shorties look tall 😉

    • Well woot for that. Go the shorties. I must look positively giant in them then. Haha.

      Thanks hun, got to add a little shimmer around this time of year.

  • The photos are stunning! But that story HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH!

  • Ha! That back story! I think fear of something like that happening to me is why I hardly EVER wear anything long. And when I do, I do the whole tied at the hem thing you mentioned. I’m clumsy and if there is a way for me to somehow hurt myself, I’ll manage it! In saying that, you look GORGEOUS and while the outfit looks super fancy, it also looks very comfortable!

    • I know, right?! Gosh. Haha. It’s certainly made me pretty darn cautious.

      And thank you! It is comfy and looked so glam. You know me, I love a comfy+cool combo.

  • What size shoes do you wear Melissa? I’m an 11, and if I can find Target size 11’s (or if I do find 11’s the chance that hey will fit me is slim to none!), I never find Target heels comfortable enough to wear all night long. But then, I decided this a few years back and haven’t gone back and purchased a pair recently, so it could have changed. Are they more supportive shoes these days?

    Love the look. I have so many dresses that would look lovely as tops, I should hop to it and use a dress as a top.

    • I wear an 11 Sarah. I’ve always had pretty good luck with the Target heels. That said though, I mostly wear platform soles for that exact reason. I hate the pressure on my feet if there’s no decent sole. I think that helps with the support, if you know what I mean?

      Thanks! It’s doubled my wardrobe as far as tops goes, I love the bodycon tucked under skirts. And no tuck line either. SUCH a win!