plus size stripe jumper + leather skirt + felt hat-7

Leather week always ends up pleather week around here. Maybe it’s because my search for THE PERFECT actual leather jacket continues, or because I’m a recent convert to all things leather {you remember this post about Ross from Friends right?} but whatever the reason, pleather is more my thing.

And surprise of all surprises when I through on some clothes Saturday for a quick run around before the races I realised, I’m wearing leather {ish} and I NEED an outfit photo. I made Hubby, literally forced him, off a work site to come home and grab a pic. It’s not the best outfit, I feel like it’s missing something {maybe a fur vest? A necklace, anything!?} but I’m here with a new outfit so that counts.

New hair too, did you notice? Actually I just realised it’s probably a little difficult to see under the hat. Haha. Better luck next time. And there will be a next time, I’ve got a few photos over the weekend to show you all. Yay! Come back Wednesday for the next one, let’s talk about hair then.

plus size stripe jumper + leather skirt + felt hat-4 plus size stripe jumper + leather skirt + felt hat-3 plus size stripe jumper + leather skirt + felt hat-8 plus size stripe jumper + leather skirt + felt hat-1 plus size stripe jumper + leather skirt + felt hat-2 plus size stripe jumper + leather skirt + felt hat-5

Stripe Jumper – Mix Apparel {2012}
Laser Cut Leather Skirt – City Chic {similar – not p/leather}
Felt Hat – Sportsgirl
Ankle Boots – Target Australia {similar}

plus size stripe jumper + leather skirt + felt hat-6

Is leather making an appearance in your wardrobe?
And by leather I mean pleather too obviously. 

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  • I really like this outfit without a vest or necklace, I think it is simple, understated and has something classically timeless about it. I also think that not having a vest or necklace means our eyes are drawn towards the laser cut out detailing on the skirt – which really drives the outfit. Gorge! <3 Rocking that hat too !

    • Thank you Jacqueline. I guess it’s just one of those things you look at it and wonder how it would look with a little more oomph. I totally agree, of course, the laser cut wins the day here.

  • AmaNotQuite

    Have been umm-ing and ahhing about this skirt for ages… you have just turned my contemplating into a YES.. will have to hunt one down now! Love Love Love it.

    • Well good luck in your search! The 17 Sundays one I linked too, while not leather or pleather, is a pretty great alternative. I have it too and love it just as much. Laser cut rocks.

      • AmaNotQuite

        I think I have found one… Just need to wait til pay day and hope and wish it doesn’t sell before I have the $$

  • Mel Watson

    Love this look on you! So rocking the hat again. =) I would really like a leather skirt but so far have not been able to find the right colour or cut. I have also contemplated a pair of leather shorts and again have not found the right one’s so the search continues.

    • Thank you Mel. Keep looking, I think it’s one of those wardrobe hero quests. Haha. One day, when the time is right, it’ll just show up. 😉

  • I have this skirt, but I tend to hesitate to wear it because of the flowery cut out pattern, which strikes me as a contradictory concept to the usual “badass” vibe of leather! Weird I know, but I find it slightly unsettling, haha! I’ve also put a few tiny rips in it where the holes got caught on things. You’ve made this outfit work though, and the hat is a nice pop of colour!
    By the way, I read your other post about Fashion Anarchy and I love it. Looking forward to the series.

    • Ahhh, I get it. You’re still a bad ass. Wear a black slip or something under it and it’ll conceal the detail a little. And I’ve almost ripped a whole in this one too. I’m hearing you!

      Thank you muchly Sophie! It’s under way. Day two is chugging along with day three, four and five to follow this week.

  • Super super super cute! I love stripes on you and that hat is great!

    • Thank you muchly Nat. The hat is SUCH a great find. Sportsgirl, who knew? Haha.

  • Ashley Rose

    Love this outfit! I have been looking at this skirt for ages and you just sold it to me as this looks fabulous!!! That hat too!!

    • Thanks Ash. This skirt has been in HIGH rotation since I bought it home with me. Something about the full skirt and the leather makes me a happy lady.