How to wear a denim vest might be a little extreme, but like most things around here, it was inspired by the interwebs. Arlene mentioned she was wondering today how and when to wear a denim vest, and I said, short version, with everything! It has to be the most versatile piece in a wardrobe. And for a while now I’ve been getting by using my chambray gillet from 17 Sundays as a substitute. That, as you can see, is no longer the case.

Embody Denim sent me their new season vest for editorial consideration after spotting my ponderings about cutting the sleeves off the 17 Sundays jacket (I know, blasphemy) and making it a vest. Things got too far indeed when it was suggested I insert zips to zip the sleeve on and off as the season dictated. Too far folks, too far, you pushed the fashion people over the edge. Checking that I would use and wear the vest, umm heck yes, the team had one in the post shortly after. Jacket saved. Denim vest of my dreams acquired. Excited!

I hate to deviate from our topic further, but I have to stop and say that this vest is an impressive piece of fashion people. The attention to detail, the quality and the cut is a thing of beauty. It’s pricey; some of you are probably going to have a conniption about the price, but I stand here hand on my heart and say it has to be worth every cent. You will hand this baby down to your grandkids, grandkids. It’s that well made. Easy to say when I was given mine, I know, but if you’ve been searching, wanting, needing one for ages. This is the one. Really.

So how do you wear a denim vest?

It is as simple as I said. These babies go with everything. Some of my favourite combinations include over maxi dresses and skirts. Over a cute summer dress and any other time, you want an extra layer of awesome added to your outfit without the weight of a jacket. A denim vest is fresh, a little bit wild and young, think Liv Tyler in Stealing Beauty, and it adds an element of that to an outfit. Start by throwing it on over everything and work out what fits your style. And maybe the good folks who read this blog will hook you up with some of their best ideas for wearing them too. If you ask nicely.

Wearing Embody Sloan Denim Vest {gifted – size 22}, Hope & Harvest Tee {gifted – size L}, Maxi Skirt & shoes from Kmart

Pretty please tell us how you wear YOUR denim vest?

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