I found this button up sheer maxi dress in my wardrobe clean up a while ago. When I first picked it up from Yours Clothing I wore it more like a sleeveless vest, but since it reappeared it’s been all top, all the time. The good news is that they have released it again lately, so it’s for sale on the site now. I know! That never happens with my wardrobe finds.

It’s hard to tell in these photos but it’s actually pretty sheer. Layering it over jeans or pencil skirts has become a bit of a thing. I love the shapeless, drape of it which combines perfectly with leaving it unbuttoned revealing a peek of my stomach. So fun. This really is one of those items that will work really hard in your wardrobe, worth a look.

The Mr and I are a little out of practice with the whole outfits photo thing. Eeeek! Must get back in the habit of such things, this was awkward, took ages and it’s like Kel forgot how to use my camera. Gosh. But anyway, done is better than perfect, so there it is.

Wearing Yours Clothing Maxi, 17 Sundays new season Antifit jeans (on sale!) and City Chic heels (sold out, try these).

I photographed this outfit as part of the What Rules challenge being hosted for Jess and Elyse on Instagram. The ladies wanted a challenge and couldn’t find a fashion on that worked for them, so they made their own! It’s an inclusive community of women, so get over there and join in if you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone and ditch the rules for dressing your body!

Not dressing for my shape is something I love doing, so I had to jump on board day one of the #whatruleschallenge with @j1987t & @ellecurve and share my look. • Dressing for your shape is one of those rules that everyone believes in. After all, isn’t flattering the aim? But when I hear flattering, I hear appear thinner or more like what society says is right for my body. • But there’s a problem with that; my body has never been right. Too tall, too fat, too big in the shoulders for a girl, and on and on it goes. No amount of flattering or dressing for my shape would change the body I have. And it won’t change yours either. • So, why not dress because it’s fun, or interesting, or because you like it? Why not give that a try and forget the rules. In the end, the only person who matters is you. #sugersoutfit #psblogger

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