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Welcome, suger coat it is a place where we can inspire you to create a life you love. I believe in living well, putting yourself first and doing something that lights you up every day. This blog is a plus-size fashion and lifestyle blog with, emphasis on life.
For me, this blog is about changing the idea that being plus size means I must be sad, unlovable and, well, lame. It’s always been a lifestyle blog where I share stories from my life alongside outfit photos, recipes next to opinion pieces.

There was this moment in my early twenties when I realised that I would never fit in. That I would never be the small and delicate woman, the world expected me to be. So I gave up their ideal, and I gained a lot of freedom. It empowered me to chose a life for myself.


We are all about owning your time, confidently doing what you want and stylishly living your life.


I’m Melissa Walker Horn, but around here, they call me Suger. Who am I? I’m the owner of a Social Media Agency called Chalkboard Digital; we make stuff for the internet. Married, no kids. You’ll see my nieces and nephews pop up around the place, don’t be startled. I’ve got a thing for wine and cheese, sneakers and stripes.


Think of me as your straight-talking interwebs BFF.


My story is one of self-awareness and confidence, which is a gift I wish I could offer every woman and girl. When it comes to this blog, that’s all I hope to deliver – to you, to your friend, daughter or a lady that you met on the street. And as far as I’m concerned, you have to keep showing up for people. I want to be a living, breathing example of a successful, thriving, plus-size woman. Maybe I can change someone’s mind? 


welcome to suger coat it.

let's get you started, shall we?

Life is way too short to spend another day at war with yourself - Suger Coat It

build your confidence

A big part of what we do here is build up your confidence so you can tackle whatever life throws at you, demand more and get it. If that sounds up your ally, make sure you check out the confident you archives; they're full of gold from over a decade of blogging.

you want to get a life, right?

Buy back your freedom with a business, side hustle or blog of your own. I've got a ton of posts about my journey and how I've been able to quit my job and work for myself from home successfully.

here to steal my style?

Amazing! You've come to the right place. I've been blogging my outfits since 2015'ish, so the archives are full of great (and not so great) choices for you to replicate in your wardrobe.

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