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What I Wore

Take a look at what I'm wearing now. My outfits of the day and haul videos can all be found in style section of the blog. For day-to-day outfits and updates, make sure you're following me on Instagram. It's @sugercoatit, that's simple enough, right?


One the most popular categories on the blog, "Where to Buy" was built with the plus size customer in mind. If they don't stock at least a 22, forget it. An archive of places to shop, styles and themes. You'll find what you need, no matter what you're looking for.

The girl can cook.

You're going to love the recipe archives. Even though I'm 100% biased when I say so. Everything from cocktails to quiches, salads and easy dinners. I've got you covered, head over to the Food + Drink category to scroll through what's on offer.

Live Life Better

Confidence isn't about competing or besting anyone, this is about living your best life. Whatever that may look like for you. In the Confidence archives, you'll find lots to inspire this journey.

Grow with us!

The thing I'm most proud of is the Confident You series. Whether it is 28 Days to a More Confident You or the Body Image challenges. It's about community, and we want you involved. Find out more here {or log into the archives with the password in your email}.

The things I love

Blogging to cafe reviews, Instagram strategies to relationship chats, the Lifestyle category of this blog covers a range of topics I just can't help blogging about. So dive into the archives and see what shows up. Still lost? Try the search bar.