It’s that time, team, shorts season! I mean, as a Queenslander, pretty much every season is shorts season, but you know what I mean. I’ve talked about how to find and wear shorts as a plus-size woman on this blog before. Of course, I have; this blog is a million years old. There have been many, many posts about shorts. Check them out next if you want some tips.

And, I see you out there. But, those of you who can feel your body physically tighten and the little voice in your head start to work itself up, stop! Seriously, stop that. No matter your shape, size or the current situation with your legs, you can and should wear shorts if you want to. No one cares as much about what you’re wearing as you do, so do what you want. And if someone has a problem, tell them to come and talk to me.

So, I thought I’d take a look around and find some shorts and put together a few outfits for you all. There are a couple of casual options, some that you can dress up for summer evenings, and all that in-between shorts goodness. Sound like a plan? Let’s get on with that.


Outfits for Plus-Size Shorts you’ll be wearing this Summer


Plus size summer shorts outfits - suger coat it - pastels

Sweet Sweet Pastels


Even for someone like me who wears a lot of black, something about the warmer months has me craving colour. It’s pretty hard to resist. So get your colour fix in soft, pastel tones in sweet candy colours. I love to add colour to my shoes, but tops and other accessories are perfect.

And then, when you pair the ice wash, pale blue, denim with these colours, you’re sweet as (that’s for my NZ friends, lol). Lightwash denim is the perfect addition to your wardrobe; it’s just so versatile no matter the time of year. Don’t you think?



17 Sundays Ice Wash Denim Shorts

17 Sundays Lemonade Raglan Tee

Nike Waffle One Crater Sneakers


Plus size summer shorts outfits - suger coat it - nostalgic

Nostalgic Vibes


Ladies and gentlemen, nostalgia has entered the chat. When it comes to all things seasonal and on-trend, nostalgic items are top of the shopping list for those who identify as Millenials—especially geriatric types (otherwise known as Zennials).

Grab some shorts that all your favourite teen movies queens would’ve been proud of, and wear your childhood with pride. And no, in case you were about to ask, I don’t think you’re ever too old to wear Powerpuff girl socks.



ASOS Curve Sweat Shorts

17 Sundays Rider Tee

Skinny Dip Powerpuff Girls Socks

Converse Chuck Taylor Platform Sneakers



Plus size summer shorts outfits - suger coat it BBQ time

Elevated Backyard BBQ


There’s nothing I enjoy more than having people over for some beverages and a BBQ. Seriously, it could be the only socialising I enjoy doing anymore. I know post lockdown it’s all about the picnics, but I’m firmly team backyard BBQ. That said, this outfit would work for either. And for these kinds of events, you want comfortable, easy to wear clothes that look like you made an effort. Enter my dress as a top (discussed at length in this post) over shorts.

And you know me, I would typically default to a sneaker or a slide with this kind of outfit, but I came across these chunky sandals. They not only are in a great neutral tone (elongating for those with similar skin tones), but the chunky heel looks comfortable, stable and adds points for effort. Of course, nothing says I tried more than a heel.



City chic Distressed White Shorts

Hope & Harvest Boyfriend Shirt Dress

ASOS Wide Fit Chunky Heeled Sandals



Plus size summer shorts outfits - suger coat it - Sporty

Updated Sporty Spice


Am I going to work out, or am I just getting coffee? That is the question? My love of activewear as daily clothing started, officially, when I started working for myself full-time. Working from home meant that comfort won across the board—more than style, more than looking the part, all the things. The good news is that these days, there are plenty of others that feel the same way.

I’ve linked to the range at Active Truth which you folks rave about, but I own bike shorts from so many retailers ranging from Best & Less to Hine Collective. Trust me; once you put bike shorts on, they’ll convert you. My favourite part is taking a simple bike short and crop and turning it into an outfit. If you want or need to. Take an oversized tee, some eye-catching sneakers, and you’re good to go. Pull up those socks, lady, and you’ve got style.



Active Truth Bike Short

Active Truth Ultimate Crop

Ellesse Oversized Tie Dye Shirt

Adidas Original Niteball Trainers

Weekend Collective Calf Length Socks


Plus size summer shorts outfits - suger coat it - Monochrome

Make It Monochrome


Now we’re back in my comfort zone; welcome to monochrome. I love mixing black and white together in an outfit, and adding printed shorts to the look makes it get up and get out the door approved. There will be no tough decisions to make when you go with this look, not to mention how versatile the shoes and tank are when worn separately.

What’s a flippy short, I hear you ask? Well, it’s a soft short, lots of room in the legs for a wide, easy-wearing fit. Perfect for those with larger bums and thighs that need more room. Soft shorts, the summer update to our favourite soft pants, are comfort dressing at its finest, and yet, you still look like you made an effort. Would recommend.



New Look Floral Flippy Shorts (other prints available)

Best & Less Textured Rib Tank

ASOS Wide Fit Chunky Flat Sandals



Plus size summer shorts outfits - suger coat it - Rich Lady

Rich Lady Vacation


You know what I mean, right? I can picture it now, the European cities, wine on the terrace, your days spent adventuring nut never breaking a sweat. I may not be able to promise you international travel or decedent adventures, but this look will transport you there all on its own. Effortless style, impossibly chic, perfect for those who are looking to holiday at home.

The higher waist and flat fronted waistband of these shorts make them easy to dress up or down. Add the matching jacket (yes, you heard that correctly) and a heeled sandal and you’re all set for your evening. But during the day, paired with stripes and denim, you’ll be exploring in comfort. Now, excuse me, I’m going to grab a wine and pretend I’m on vacation.



City Chic Sicilian Shorts in Olive

17 Sundays Step Hem Tee

Autograph (via Beme) Cropped Denim Jacket

ASOS Florentine Woven Leather Sandals 




There you go, team, my plus-size summer shorts round up. I hope you were able to take away some inspiration for your summer shorts style! At the very least, you are now feeling more confident to put together items in your wardrobe. So, get those legs out into the world; summer is coming up fast. I can’t wait to see what you come up with, so tag me on Insta, I want to see.


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