On the weekend, I like to deal with my hair and wear all the clothes I never seem to get to wear during the week. And by weekends I include Thursday night and all day Friday because I work on my blogs Friday, so office clothes be gone. The other evening Mr Suger and I were off in search of pizza and beer (for him, I’ll drink just about anything else) and I was dressed from a blog boss style meeting. So we stopped for photos.

Because shorts, a sleeveless vest and a t-shirt that in some light you can make out the pattern on my bra in (darn you New Look and your thin material), is something that MUST be documented. I’ve seen a lot of posts around about how to wear shorts, why to wear them, how to style them. Heck, I even wrote one myself. So with all this talk about shorts, all the fear and angst and drama, I decided to just put my money where my mouth it and just wear them more often.


Because the only way that you get over something is if it’s stuffed down your throats time and time again until you can’t handle it anymore and just give in and turn into a raving fangirl. Right? Like with the Kardashians. I’m doing my bit, because shorts are comfortable when you buy them well, so enjoy them. Side note, totally related, if you’re having to pull and tug and de-wedgie yourself, you’re in the wrong size. But you cna read all about that in my post about shorts. The one with the link up there. That one. Now, let’s look at some pics.

plus size shorts outfit for summer-13 plus size shorts outfit for summer-3 plus size shorts outfit for summer-6 plus size shorts outfit for summer-4 plus size shorts outfit for summer-2 plus size shorts outfit for summer-11 plus size shorts outfit for summer-9 plus size shorts outfit for summer-1

Wearing basic black tee from New Look (but try this instead), Boohoo white sleeveless vest (similar), check shorts from ASOS Curve (similar) & shoes from Target Australia (similar).


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