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I’m about shorts all year round: short shorts, long-ish shorts, denim shorts, and culottes. But my favourites are summer shorts because it’s summer! WOO. Shorts and I are a bit of a match made in heaven. I mean, let’s face it, I never remember to keep my knees together! Shorts are a blessing. Even the ones that drive me nuts I love. Sort of like my husband when he ditches photos to play on his digger… But that’s another story.

This story is about summer shorts. 

I know some of you are going to be having a little conniption about wearing shorts. I know, I KNOW. Maybe you don’t feel you’ve got the legs for them. Maybe they ride up, gather at the bum or crotch, and you HATE them. I get all that and more. Really I do. But most of those are it or length problems. I’ll talk about that later. But, trust me, you’re going to learn something.

But first, let me say one thing about ‘not having the legs for shorts’ before we get into some more photos. There is no such thing as not made for shorts legs—no ifs or buts. Like the bikini body movement, if you have legs and wear shorts, you have shorts-loving legs! So quit that garbage now and get some sunshine on those pins.


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So hey presto. THAT was me in shorts. Whoopie-do. Right? And that’s the point. If your shorts fit well and if you have the right length, it’s as simple as adding a t-shirt and a stacked heel, and you’re good to go. Trust me, sneakers are fun but if you want to get used to yourself in shorts, try a wedge or a stacked heel. Hello, long legs.


What about fit?

So I have some tips about the fit. First, find the pair that fits your legs and bum well. Too baggy in the bum, and it’s all saggy baggy elephant action back there. Too tight in the leg, and you’re a sausage in a casing. And yes, I’m sorry I have now compared your fine selves to a slice of deli meat and a rather sizeable animal. But it’s true. How your shorts fit you makes a difference. So don’t give up on shorts altogether; give up on crap fabric and unforgiving waistbands.


What length is perfect for you?

Now about length, there is a magic point on all of us that just works. It’s essential in plus sizes because we are all built so differently. Thicker here, narrow there. But your perfect length will elongate the leg and balances your height and your width.

For some of you, heck, I’d even go as far as to tell most of you, you’re wearing shorts that are TOO LONG. Yup. I promise you that. Plus, size women have been told for decades (that I’m aware of) that you should cover more skin for it to be flattering. I find this to be bullshit. Total bullshit. And that comes from the lover of all things slouchy. Try it next time you’re shopping, go shorter than you normally would, you might be surprised.

The length I’m wearing here is great for the tall folks out there. However, my shortie friends, these could be a little tricky and swamp your bottom half.  You would always want at least an inch or two above your knee. The good news is that these could be easily cuffed another roll or three higher to do just that. And long legs always look amazing in the shortest shorts that you feel comfortable in.

Get the idea? 


Try and try again!

Trust me, when you find your perfect length, you will know it. Try lots of styles on in your local beme {of course!} changeroom and don’t be afraid to roll them up or down and get a feel for it. Do one leg and not the other for comparison. Don’t be afraid to try everything on and dump the entire lot if they don’t work for you. It’s about time that we, as plus-size consumers, demanded more of our retailers. We want shorts that fit and look great, dammit!


beme summer shorts australia plus size fashion blogger review



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