A few weeks ago I gave away a pair of these joggers in a double denim awesome giveaway with the team from 17 Sundays. Now, a lot of you didn’t win. Obviously, there could be only one. But I know some of you went a grabbed yourself a pair anyway. Hello, these spotted pants of awesome are so fun. So are you looking into the different ways to wear them?

I bet you are.

And you know me, always happy to help.

So I thought I’d bring together how the ladies who entered the giveaway suggested that THEY would wear them along with showing you how, this time, I wore mine. That’s a win, right? Styling ideas are the hardest part of any new item of clothing… So we’ve got your back.

Firstly and always I’m team double denim. The matching shirt is great, I love them together and Margaret rocks them like no one’s business in the promotional images. BABE. But this time of year, it’s a little more practical to pair it with a simple chambray tank and get a similar, more weather-friendly option. And heels, well, always a win with this style of pant to elongate the leg, if such a thing is a concern for you.

My (wrinkled after some time in the car) version of printed denim jogger type things, I’m wearing the size 22, looks a little something like this…

plus size double denim 17 sundays joggers blogger outfit-4 plus size double denim 17 sundays joggers blogger outfit-2 plus size double denim 17 sundays joggers blogger outfit-7

Now. What did the other ladies suggest we do with them?

Suzanne suggests pairing them with a white tee (a popular choice) and platform heels. Agree, Suzanne, agree! Actually. A number of the ladies suggested pairing with a white tee and everything from sneakers (you guys really get me, bless your heart) to your favourite statement heel. Nice one. These joggers were made to be paired with white.

Megan G said she was going to wear a bodysuit (YES!) under hers and pair with a statement necklace, a super high top knot and hot red lip. Well, hellloooooo Megan. I love this idea. Love, love the idea of dressing them up and giving them a night on the town. Great thinking Megan.

Nat said she would wear them with the matching shirt in a long torso style double denim boiler suit of awesomeness. Now I know you know I’m on board with this. I’m so long in the torso often I have to size up twice to get jumpsuits etc to fit me. Ling body life, what can I say. So this is a great tip from Nat, if you’re long in the body, rock matching prints in a ‘faux jumpsuit’.

And finally a lot of ladies suggested pairing this delicious denim with pops of colour. I can’t argue with that. The tones in the joggers lend themselves to lots and lots of colour options. I prefer cool tones with my newest hair colour (and because Nat Tucker told me to). But I’m sure they lend themselves to whatever works for you.

plus size double denim 17 sundays joggers blogger outfit-1

And yup. Long torso problems, that’s my stomach poking out of a ‘long line‘ top. Haha. 

Happy styling team. x

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