Portraits, house images, fashion images, ALL the images, just give them to me in black and white. This house I was determined to move away from my predominately black and white theme to something a little softer. Something with tan and leather, industrial without being too hard. Warm and welcoming. Something that would be at home in the artful interiors of our new home.

And still, the black and white continues to creep back in. Sure it’s an off white. Maybe even a cream. But it edges in and I must admit it’s like coming home to an old friend. There’s something classic about it. I could flip through black and white images all day. Imagining the colour. Lost in the contrast. It’s no wonder it shows up time and time again in my home. So this week, it’s my inspired by. And I’ve collected some good ones! Check it out.

What are you up to this week? Any big news? Did you hear, we could be in our new house Friday! Wooo.

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