When the Aussie Curves ladies first took on Pattern Clash I was staying with Danielle at her place for a number of events and to just hang out. I mixed a stripe blazer with a chevron’ish dress and felt WAY out of my comfort zone. But I did it, the photos came out beautifully {derrr, thanks Dani} and all was well in the world. In fact, a monster was born. A pattern clash monster of AWESOME. Obviously.

Now I don’t even consider stripes on their own a pattern clash. They are practically a neutral. So when I wore this outfit {without the vest} to breakfast I was still trying to come up with a way to amp up the pattern clashness for dinner with Hubby. My floral blazer was out {the colours are all wrong for matching/clashing with this skirt}. Swapping my shirt for another wasn’t going to work, I had nothing… Then it occurred to me… Chambray, of course! Printed chambray to be exact.

And can I just say, what a win! 

plus size pattern clash outfit 17 sundays-1 plus size pattern clash outfit 17 sundays-6 plus size pattern clash outfit 17 sundays-3

Over the past year or two I’ve learnt a few things about pattern clashing so I thought heck, why not share them here. Right? Well it’s pretty simple when you come down to it;

  • Starts with stripes or spots as a simple stepping stone to pattern clashing. Think of them as a gateway pattern. Haha.
  • Keep the colours/tones similar or the same. Like the chambray vest here with the skirt. A perfect match.
  • If you aren’t feeling brave, pattern plash your monochromes. Black and white looks fabulous no matter how many patterns.
  • When all else fails forget all the rules and go nuts. If you like the look fo two prints together, wear them. Enjoy yourself because rules are made to be broken. 😉

plus size pattern clash outfit 17 sundays-7 plus size pattern clash outfit 17 sundays-2 plus size pattern clash outfit 17 sundays-9 plus size pattern clash outfit 17 sundays-5

T-Shirt – City Chic {similar}
Chambray Vest – 17 Sundays
Echo Beach Skirt – 17 Sundays {gifted}
Shoes – Target Australia


plus size pattern clash outfit 17 sundays-10

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