Mixing patterns week heeeey, another interesting one, for sure. When it came to my wardrobe and patterns there were stripes, stripes, a few more stripes and a couple of spots… Hmmm, not much to work with there. I took a look around, I even purchased some great tribal looking material to MAKE a skirt {cough FAIL}. I was way out of my depths. Then Dani got on the job {this is the last of the photos taken at her house, naaaw sad}. This amazing dress from Damn You Alexis is comfortable as it is show stopping.

And it’s pretty show stopping.

This is one of those outfits that when we were putting it together I was doubtful. Doubtful about the dress, the heels, the last minute addition of my laptop bag {sans laptop, obviously from the way it’s dangling}. But then, it’s all over, the photos are taken and I don’t want to take it off. I wear it around and home again and all through dinner. This dress, is all kinds of wonderful and I’m kicking myself I didn’t pick it up while it was available online. Silly, silly me.

Mixing patterns is something foreign to me. I’m sure for a lot of you it’ll be the same. Those hipster kids, they just seem to have been born with the pattern mixing gene. Florals and tribal. Stripes and spots. Any combination, head to toe and they make it look easy. I don’t think it is. But i think it comes down to a colour thing, a tone or a feel. If the pieces visually look good together then why not, right?

I was actually looking everywhere for a cute summer floral dress {a casual cheapy one} for this challenge. Do you know there was not a single, cute floral patterned, casual plus size dress for less than $59 ANYWHERE? I’ve bookmarked a few of my Virtu favourites but when it came down to it, I wanted something like my navy Big W dress but with a floral print. Nada. Nothing. Do you have any idea how frustrating that is when the stores are jam packed with florals in the standard sizing store? SO frustrating.

Sunglasses – Danimezza’s
Blazer – Virtu
Dress – Damn You Alexis
Heels – Emerson for BigW
Bag – Online somewhere

{some brand associations exist, for more information see my disclosure policy}

Photos by Danimezza.

Do you mix patterns? I don’t usually.

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