I’m a week into this daily blogging thing. You can thank the daily vloggers of YouTube for the idea behind this. To think it was just this time last week (maybe a little earlier, my bad!) that I decided to give this a shot. My writing had been in a rut for a while; it felt clunky and hard when I did try.

Not so much anymore.

So far, I skipped Friday night because I was working late but other than that, I’ve blogged every day. This coming week I’m going to work on a few drafts I’ve had rattling around in my head for a while. I’m on a roll. Now feels like the time to tackle some of those posts that just wouldn’t get onto the page.

This week what I’ve found is that it doesn’t take me long to work out what I want to write about. I’m trying to just sit down and do it each day, rather than attempt to schedule a few days in advance. That makes it more habit-forming, don’t you think? More of a challenge to sit and write daily. That’s been my experience.

So far, so good.

Daily Blogging - week one

Have you ever tackled a challenge like this? Something that forces you to get into the habit of doing one small thing every day? Prior to this, I would have said sure, I have. But I don’t think I have. Strange, right?

The only thing I can think that I have done that is similar is the initial 28 Days to a More Confident You. And even that I scheduled more than half of those posts and emails after writing them in advance. So, yeah, check me out. Changing my habits one day at a time.

It actually got me wondering what else I could tackle.

Not to get ahead of myself or anything. Haha. But there are things I want to be doing and I’m just not making them happen. I want to cook more of our meals and even prepare some in advance. There are things like getting into the pool more often or going for an evening walk with Kel. And making my bed, I mean, when did I stop making my bed!?

All of it actually seems a little more possible if I just tackle it one single day at a time. And maybe that’s what they’ve been trying to tell me my entire life. To stop pushing so hard against stuff. Stop forcing it and just put one foot ahead of the other. Worth considering, that’s for sure.

What about you? What’s one thing you could be doing every day that could change how you’re living your life? 


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