I’m going to let you in on a little secret here today people. Something only fat girls know. Okay, maybe not just fat girls, but this one is about fat girls. Maybe girls who wear a size 6 too, in their own version of things. A secret struggle when it comes to creating the perfect outfit. To blogging about fashion and calling it fatshion. I’ve stumbled across website comments that say ‘why don’t they {mean plus size fashion bloggers} just call it fashion blogging? Why separate yourself?’ To which I would like to reply along the lines of this from Sophie.

Sophie says “When a much thinner person compliments my outfit, I don’t think they fully understand what they’re complimenting. Sometimes I feel like saying, “You’re complimenting me assuming that I just strolled into the mall, saw this and bought it, like you do when you’re shopping.” It is probably my persistence in the lifetime pursuit of decent clothing that fit me that you should be complimenting!

As Lesley Kinzel says, “It is my ferocious tenacity in hunting for discounts, deals, and dragging heretofore unknown plus size options from the caves of fatshion obscurity into sunlight…I SLAYED A F@#KING DRAGON BEFORE I COULD BUY THIS DRESS. THAT IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE COMPLIMENTING!”

Even so, I’m thankful for the compliments all the same xoxo”

That’s why it’s different. It takes something to create a great plus size look. Our overseas sisters from the US and UK have a range of options available to them. Even then the choices are more limited than mainstream shoppers. We complain. We rally together and point out places to shop. Fatshion bloggers of all sizes slaying that darn dragon. And me, well I’m a size 20/22. If I was larger, and I have been, it continues to get harder. For me there are a few Australian stores I shop in, I supplement this occasionally with an overseas order. Bit by bit I’ve added to my stable of reliable brands that I shop with. That I trust.

Nothing like when I was in my early twenties and living in peasant skirts because that is all I could find to wear. Seriously. I did. Me. The pencil skirt loving, body con dress wearing, peplum fiend, lived in peasant skirts. And YES they were as unflattering as you are imagining they would be on me. And always in browns and I HATE brown in my clothing. There was simply no options out there. At the time I was a 24/26 in Autograph clothing, sometimes I could order from SARA via Ezibuy. Finding clothes was ridiculously hard.

Maybe you could keep that in mind next time you see a plus size lady wearing something a bit questionable. I urge you too in fact. If you must think anything think about what she must go through to find clothes that fit, never mind clothes that are fashionable. Never mind clothes that are AFFORDABLE. Gah. It’s a rant I’m not even prepared to deliver yet. It’s just a brewing thought. I would be interested to hear other ladies thoughts on this too. Do you find it hard to buy affordable, fashionable clothes in your size?

It’s something my sister, normally a size 12/14 is finding difficult at the moment {25 weeks pregnant and wearing a 16/18}. I just keep repeating the same line. Welcome to me LIFE! Welcome, I hope you don’t have to stay long. It kind of sucks here. What I wouldn’t give to have cheap accessible trendy type stuff. I guess that’s why I lean towards more classic styling. There are no exceptional op shops around for me to be eclectic. There are high-end stores to even attempt a high-end look, not that their clothing would fit me anyway. So if I’m going to pay hundreds of dollars for an item, I want to be able to wear it for aaaaages.

Imagine if I didn’t like black clothes! Sheesh.

So thank you for the nice things you say. Short, tall, fat, thin and everywhere in between. Like Sophie said, I appreciate it. I just wanted to add a little insight into what it takes to create these outfits and share my experience as a plus size shopper so you know it’s not just you. Or maybe, you’re reading this and had no idea. Well, I’m not anything special, but because you don’t know if you don’t know. It’s a battlefield out there and cute outfits are the prize.

What’s your big clothes shopping gripe?

And please don’t say no sleeves on plus size clothes, I may scream. Haha.  

  • Faith

    I have had more than one person say to me ” you dress well for your size” at first I didn’t know how to take. Is it an insult. “You’re ok, for a fat bird?” But now I take it as a compliment, an acknowledgement of how hard it is to dress my plus size body. Plus size shopping is woeful in Northern Ireland. We have 2 stores where I can try clothes on. 2. 2!!!!!! The rest is online and I hate online shopping. You have to make a financial commitment up front without knowing if its going to be right and the have that horrible disappointment when it isn’t, followed by the hassle of returning it. And by that time the trend has passed!

    • Haha. You ARE ok for a fat bird. {Cheeky, I coudln’t help myself!}. Good point, it’s such a financial commitment. Great to hear what it’s like in Northern Ireland. Thanks for joining in. 😀

      • Faith

        I just wanted to say how lovely it is that you take the time to respond to so many of the comments that people leave. It really bugs me when bloggers don’t acknowledge any of the comments left. It makes me feel much more connected! X

  • Amy Wells

    I don’t wear a plus size, but I think that the notion that women who AREN’T plus size don’t have struggles putting together an outfit is a bit naive. I’m just being honest. I mean, at my heaviest I was a size 16, at my smallest a size 10, and currently a 12 – and every size I struggle to find bottoms that fit my muscular thighs but aren’t a mile too long, that complement my relatively small waist but that stretch across my child bearing hips, or dresses that flatter a figure that is almost hourglass exzxept for the slightly-too-small buatline. I can’t just walk in and buy an outfit off q mannequin either – would that I could, it would be so much easier! So yes, us non-plus size ladies may have more choice than you, but choice does not automatically equate to ‘easy’!

    • Absolutely, finding an item of clothing that fits just right is the holy grail for all of us. I didn’t say it was easy. I’m saying that even for me at a size 20 there are more options now to when I wore a size 26. And I assert {not having been smaller than a 16 since I was a teenager} that being smaller than a 20 makes it easier again. For the sheer reason of volume of choice. Sure you have to dig to find something. But there are loads of store for you to dig in. For ladies larger than me, the reality is there may be two stores total. No ongoing search. It’s over. No clothes for you. At all.

  • Jenn

    I love seeing how you put together outfits and have really got more tips from “fatshion” bloggers than straight fashion bloggers. While I can technically fit a size 10-12 these sizes are usually just incrementally larger than the size below with the sample 6 being the original cut. Of course there are some higher end stores that are cut differently but many are more conservative and matronly. My fashion choices from 18-28 were limited both by my not understanding what worked for my figure and not having the funds to buy staid but well fitting clothes. The explosion of internet shopping and fashion blogs has been amazing and I love people like yourself who promote many styles, colours and brands. I also wish Igigi did my size, those dresses are gorgeous!

    • Yes amen to this.

    • Thank you Jenn, I do think when a blog is more fashion fashion {you know, high end, fast moving etc etc} it’s more like a magazine creating a mood board than someone like me sharing stuff that’s in store now and ready for you to wear. A perfect idea, in a lot of ways. But here, it’s a free for all, everyone and their imperfect perfection welcome, dress what you got and rock it love fest. People like that, they can see themselves in that. Haha.

      Thank goodness for online shopping. I have maybe 4 physical stores I shop in and the rest is done online. So I’m hearing you loud and clear on that one. LOUD.

  • Mel

    Why do most plus size clothes have to be so LONG!!!! I don’t buy half the nice plus size shirts I could because they’re more tunic length. Jut because I’m ‘large’ doesn’t mean I’m also 8ft tall!!!

    • TRUE DAT!

    • I have a really long torso so this rarely happens to me… Maybe they used someone like me for the fit model? Frustrating though, I can imagine!

  • Amy, Everyone has fit problems… sizing is so messed up, so yes, even women who wear a size 6, 10 or 12 can have dreadful issues… but it is NOT the same as the issues larger women face.. No, it might not be “easy” for you but it is a heck of a lot easier for you than someone who wears a size 26. Try to imagine that instead of a variety of clothes available to you in hundreds of stores, some which fit well and some which don’t.. that there isn’t a single thing in the store that fits you at all (well or otherwise), and the same is true of the next store, and the next store and every other store in the whole mall…. then you’ll start to get a glimpse of the sorts of issues Suger is talking about. Every time this subject is bought up there is a slim girl saying “You don’t understand, it’s hard for us too!!” – Yes, it is, but not as hard. truly.

  • C

    Thank you for this. You look gorgeous.

    I just dropped a heap of money getting some decent, finally decent work out clothes, which can double up as bushwalking clothes that mean I dont have to shop in the mens sections. Its Virtu, hallelujah. However, some stuff is only available from Myer exclusively and some from only their boutiques, which is a pain and I deliberately didn’t buy online until I knew the fit. (No affiliation with this brand I am just pleased to have quality and fit)

    I have bought in the US, esp NYDJ, it is disgraceful what we pay here and access online with shipping is still poor show for size14+. We are a nation of average size 14 or is 16 women. What is the conspiracy about?

    • Thank you C. You’re welcome. I do have an affiliation with Virtu on this blog and I rave about them all the time. I’m affiliated because I was raving anyway. You know. Great stuff and great fits. Glad you found some gear that suits your lifestyle, that’s SO important.

      Gah. Yes! Annoying.

  • I’m a size 14 to 16 and find I’m stuck in the middle – too big for the “regular” shop sizes, not big enough for plus sized stores. And the other thing I’ve noticed is that as the clothes sizes get bigger, they also become more granny-ish, which is really frustrating for those of us who aren’t 105!

    • To be honest, I find that almost every store has up to a 16 these days. I shop a lot with my sister so while every size 14/16 may not fit her, the ranges are there. It’s different to the way that there is nothing available for the ladies 22/24 plus. I wear clothes from standard sizing ranges sometimes. I’m a size 20. So they must be making them. I do agree that just because you ‘should’ technically fit both sides of the divide {plus and standard} doesn’t mean you will. Sometimes it means you are doing an awkward straddle where nothing quite fits properly due to cut etc.

      Don’t even get me STARTED on the granny factor. 😉

  • I have gained some weight, and I found it to be really hard when I was in the “in between.” I was too big for regular sized clothes, but not big enough for plus sized. It was dreadful. I’ve lost a little and now I’m a 12-14, but I feel like a lot of the trendy stuff just doesn’t look great on me. It’s cut for size 5’s, and that I am not. I don’t say anything when I see someone wearing a questionable outfit because I don’t know them. I have NO clue about their financial situation or what they can afford. Plus if they feel good in what they are wearing that is all that really matters.

    • You’ve got to watch that trendy stuff, absolutely. Just because something fits ON your body, doesn’t mean it fits your body. But the difference is that there is more variety, across a larger range of stores for you to pick and chose what does work. That range literally does not exist for plus women, especially size 24/26+

      And I love the last of this comment. Absolutely. I love that Rhonda. Thanks for sharing.

  • sheribombblog

    I think you should just be happy to receive a compliment. Whether you are thin, fat, short, tall, male, female – whatever – and no matter who that compliment comes from. It is a nice thing. Just because someone says ‘wow, that outfit/you looks great’ doesn’t mean they think you just strolled on into a shop and grabbed something off the rack (although I’m sure some do) they are simply saying ‘you look really nice’ and that is a nice thing to do. Because they didn’t have to tell you. But they did.

    In saying that, I have two main fashion gripes. The first is that I have quite a large bust, but a waist that tends to the smaller side, and slightly larger hips. Which makes finding outfits that properly fit all areas of my body is a challenge and often quite frustrating. The other gripe I have is that because of my own personal rockabilly/retro style it can be hard to find affordable stuff, as most nice dresses from the brands that cater to this look are at least $100. So I suppose I find myself on the same quest, to find clothing that suits my style from more mainstream and affordable stores instead of just the places that ‘specialise’ in that type of thing and have a the price tag to match.

    • I absolutely agree. It’s a generous expression of something wonderful. I love that. But do they really know what it takes to dress a plus size or even sub-culture styled type person? Really? If your range of experience is walking into a store and buying, and it’s your only experience, wouldn’t you then assume everyone’s experience is the same? That some form of shopping luck happened upon them? I don’t say this to poo poo your point, but to challenge it a little. As people, we don’t know what we don’t know until we know what we didn’t know.

      GREAT comment. It was a thinker. 🙂

      • sheribombblog

        Thanks, and you’re right. I suppose the other point I was trying to make is that, does it really matter if they don’t know? Do they need to know? Everyone goes through some struggle to find and express their own individual style. Perhaps you don’t have a lot of money and that beautiful dress they just complimented you on took you MONTHS to save for. Maybe you’re a mum and just getting out of the house to buy yourself something nice is a monumentous effort. Maybe you’re a mainstream sized girl but have no sense of personal style and struggle just to put outfits together, even with so much available to you. I suppose if I complimented someone, I wouldn’t actually expect them to tell me the above reasons. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I think the key is sharing. Maybe you don’t want to share that it took you months to save for an item of clothing, but maybe sharing where you got it from, particularly if it is a harder to find item and the person complimenting you is likely to be interested, then we can all share the love and knowledge of beautiful clothes. Yay! Haha Which by the way is exactly what you do here so you are totally doing it right 😉

        • Hmmmm, good point. Part of me says heck yes, tell them it took you months to save or that you searched high and low for it. Part of me says, thank you is probably enough. It’s all part of the conversation, so in the end, I vote for more conversation. And yes, YAY to the sharing of love, knowledge and interest in beautiful clothes.

  • Renae

    Today’s super cute outfit aside, your calves are looking killer right now!! That gym time is really showing. Keep up the great work!

  • People who don’t understand the importance of the Fatshion movement/industry or even the term, still hold on to societies negative use of the word fat and consider it to be something that should be shed, loathed and feared. Quite simply they just don’t get it.

    The word Fatshion is more than a descriptive for plus size fashion. It’s a bright shining beacon that shouts acceptance, understanding, encouragement and opportunity. It let’s plus size women reclaim their wardrobes, their bodies and their sense of style. Using the word ‘fat’ in a positive way enables women to reclaim it and helps dispel the negative connotations that it traditionally triggers.

  • Cassy Hoult

    I’m a size 12, Australia’s most common size and I find it hard to find clothes that are fashionable and suit my figure and don’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s not a problem with plus sizes, it’s a problem with out sourcing to china where the sizings all a little tighter and the materials all a little bit shitter.
    I’ve been a size 18, it was hard I know too. I thought it would be so much easier being a ‘standard’ size but just because it zips up doesn’t mean it looks any good. So sure, maybe I do have more options but there is a massive issue with fashion in Australia from size 10 up in my opinion. But I don’t think there’s too much any of us can do except walk around naked, and I’m not really down for that.

    • Seriously? Have you seen the size of the the straight sized fashion sections at Kmart, Target, Best and Less, BigW? Then there’s Crossroads, Supre, Katies, Rockmans, Sportsgirl, Temt, Forever 21, Just Jeans, Cotton On, the list goes on and on. Yes I agree that some stores don’t have the quality that they used to have. But I honestly can’t see how, as a size 12, it’s “hard” for you to find clothes. At my smallest I was a size 14-16 and clothes shopping was an absolute joy. There were too many options sometimes.

      Seriously, women under a size 20 are spoilt for choice compared to women who are a size 20 and bigger. It really feel like a smack in the face when slim women say they have it hard in the fashion stakes too.

    • Thanks for sharing your gripe. Australian sizing is SO frustrating. Across the board. The problem with plus sizes, like Emma said below, is that there are about 5 core places that that stock some clothes up to a size 22/24. Anything about that is impossible, especially in Australia, to shop for. I understand your frustration, it’s something my sister deals with ongoingly, but it’s not the same. Nothing is a reality for some larger women. There is literally NOTHING for them. Not just feels like.

  • Michelle

    Seeing something in a straight size and thinking it might work on me but then realising we don’t have the same choices in plus sizes! Everything at the moment is voluminous with square neck lines. My body type is more suited to a vee neck.

    I don’t complain too much as anyone in earshot could turn around and tell me to lose weight! So true!

    • Nothing worse than a whole season’s worth of clothes that don’t suit you at all. Gah. Frustrating.

      Stuff them, you can be fat AND expect nice clothes too. 😉

  • YES. I have a hellish time trying to find hosiery, apparently you can just make the legs longer and it’ll automatically fit a fat woman :/ I’m currently a 24/26, with a bit of a ‘patio over the playground’, which is hideous to try and dress. I don’t like it being visible, so pants are out because you get the attractive cameltoe. Unless you can get a nice tunic, but because I’m also short, the tunics go to my knees and the normal tops sit just above the roll. So, pants are out. Maxi dresses are my go to item, the only thing I’ll buy online because of non standardised sizing. But I still hafta be careful, because I’m only 160cm, so maxi dresses for me generally skim the floor. And because I’m fat they apparently use bolts and bolts of extra fabric, judging by the price.

    Most of the time I buy what fits and I don’t completely despise, and dress it up with costume jewellery and fascinators, as they’re one size fits all 😉

    • I’m lucky, I’m tall. But I know what you mean about tights. I can never get them to fit properly because they may be long enough, but the crotch sits around my mid thigh and the waist is around my boobs. Fit problems are a pain in the butt.

    • I really love to wear tights in winter and I have tracked down a place in the UK which deliver to Australia and make up to size 30, Tights Please. It is relatively expensive because you pay for delivery but it’s worth it to just be able to get what I want.

  • Mel

    Don’t even get me started on clothing options for a plus size pregnant woman!! It’s all horrible!

    • I can imagine. There’s a lady on my Facebook page who owns a plus size maternity range… I’ll see if I can get her to leave you a link.

    • Cassy

      Check out asks, come cute baby doll dresses and stuff I got when I was pregnant and I’m a size 20

  • Sarah Collins

    Don’t even get me started… I have so many gripes! Haha. Main thing is that I wear different sizes in top and bottom, and that size varies from store to store! I have bottoms ranging from a 22-26 and tops are the same! It’s rediculous. Also how expensive some brands can be – loving the clothes but not the price (or quality sometimes). My main thing though… I’m quite tall, and every single pair of pants I buy are too short. It drives me to tears sometimes! Full length leggings become cropped! Thank goodness for places like Torrid where I can buy the extra tall and actually wear jeans… but the shipping prices? No thanks. I hate the swathes of black and tent-like clothing, cheap looking prints and fabric…. I could go on and on, haha. I also have wide, plus size feet so finding nice shoes is very hit and miss.
    That said… over the years of reading fatshion and body positivity blogs and literature, experimenting with clothing and online shopping – i know what i like now. And for the first time in my 23 years I can truthfully say I do not hate my body. So like, rant over I suppose, haha

    • I love the last paragraph Sarah. I feel the same way most days. Like, thank goodness this happened to me, phew.

      • Sarah Collins

        Yup, that’s exactly how I feel too. Now trying to get the Mr to love his body too, haha.

        • People forget the men, but they have similar issues with their bodies, but less coverage on the topic. Good luck to you!

  • Shopping for retail plus size clothes is hard. Op shopping for second-hand ones is near impossible. But still I persist! I love this post Melissa – you hit every nail on the head.

  • Rosalie K

    Sorry to be commenting super late, but I just ran across your post.

    I wear straight sizes but I try to be a good ally, the fat acceptance/HAES/fatshion blogosphere has been super eye-opening to me and I’m really thankful for that. My question is, how could I phrase a casual compliment to somebody in a way that would express “your outfit looks great and I know you must have spent a million years finding it, well done you!” without coming across as condescending or ironic or otherwise weird? I feel like it’s hard to say “man, I totally know all about how much you struggle with problem-that-doesn’t-affect-me” unless they brought the topic up themselves – I can’t really commiserate about it although I do think I have a handle on how frustrating it must be. It’s similar to the way that, as a white girl, I’ve found myself avoiding complimenting black girls on their totally awesome dredlocks (or other awesome styles my hair can’t do) because I’m aware of all the shitty politics wrapped up in black girls’ hairstyle choices and I don’t want to imply that they’re somehow supposed to be seeking my approval with how they do their hair. You know what I mean?

    • I do, absolutely! I think you just go on and say that you love the outfit. Like the ladies said, a compliment is always a wonderful thing. Maybe a follow up question about where a piece came from would be a good entry into the conversation about getting it. The other thing to note is that some woman wouldn’t have found fatshion blogs yet, maybe you have the a best kept secret FOR them. Either way. A compliment is a win.

      • Rosalie K

        Thanks! 🙂

  • Lulu

    I have a few gripes. Why do some retail stores have quite nice styles that would be quite suitable for larger sizes but they only go up to size 16. Same shop and 18 plus sizes are what I call blob clothes….bags! No style at all. So frustrating. I don’t want to wear blob clothes. Just make stylish clothes bigger. Also why do shops think that bigger people can only be tall?

    • Haha. I’m hearing you! Except I am tall, so not helping you out on that one at all. 😉

      • Dianne Wateva

        Im with you lol, the majority of times clothing are too short. Atleast if an item is too long it can be taken up, but when they are too short your stuffed

  • Ali

    Bit late but target stores is my main gripe atm. Moda range have nothing fashions, hot options & the omg we go up to size 20 are NOWHERE near a real size 20 & the sizing charts have different measurements for each range in the one store!! It should be the same – i bought a size 18 city dressing pants (whilst wearing a size 18 city dressing pants i bought 2 yrs ago) – the new pair didnt go past my calves and the old pair were getting loose!! Go figure there huh!! I definitely hear your pain of shopping for bigger sizes…. I’m living it too!!

    • I actually ended up buying the majority of my items for this month’s Target post from the other sections in the store. Frustrating because Moda has moment of brilliance and then nothing for a while, then GREAT, then nothing. It needs more consistency in my opinion.

      I hadn’t noticed sizing issues but THAT is annoying. The worst offender for sizing issues has to be ASOS, though they seem to be sorting this out.

  • Tory Toey Laskowski

    Even Later still… OK I am a guy, but I totally understand what everyone here is saying. Why may you ask? Well, forgive me for advertising but my Wife and I run a store called Graceful Curves (check us out on Facebook), we cater for sizes 18-40. We Design and Sell our own clothing. What makes us more different is that we have, through our Facebook page where we ask everyones opinion on our potential designs. We make the changes most requested in the most requested colours. We understand that not every piece that is designed may not be for everyone, but one day we hope to have something for everyone. Sorry if this may be against your guidelines, but we need as much Aussie support we can get as it is obvious to us that Overseas retailers/designers and large Chain stores are not listening to the buyers!

    • Dianne Wateva

      I love your bit of advertising, every suggestion to plus size affordable clothing is fantastic, would love to see more suggestions 🙂

  • Munmun Nishi

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  • Camilla

    Finally! Someone has spoken the words that so many don’t understand!! At a size 20/22 I haven’t worn anything where I’ve felt remotely pretty or comfortable or any combination of those two for years!!

    • I’m a size 20/22, you need to get your butt out there and find something that makes you feel good. Seriously. These days there are more options than ever, yeah you have to try a little harder than someone who can just walk into any old store but that’s half the fun! Go get ’em Tiger!

  • amanda666

    I am a size 14-16 (probably a 15) and finding it so hard to find clothes to fit. Plus sizes are usually too big ( i get lucky sometimes) and ‘normal’ stores are all to small. Its so frustrating.

    • I’m not in the situation, I was as a teenager, but not now. BUT I have hope for you, head to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and search for the hashtag #inbetweenie and there are plenty of ladies in the same boat showing off their style, and where they picked up their items! WIN.

  • Bridget

    Hi…..I guess my gripe with fashion is like everyone else, finding clothes that fit and are up to date…. but my thing is….why when I find something in my size….the colour is bright and usually aqua green, I hate this colour or huge big patterns like palms yuk….and the fabric is usually thick as curtain material…so it hang like off me like cardboard…I could keep going but that one is my most annoying rant…thank you

    • Oh yeah lady, I HEAR YOU ON THIS. It’s frustrating when you just want something reasonably priced, that is current, that is well made. Hard. That’s why these days I have my favourite places and shop and I shop them to DEATH. Thanks for saying hey. x

  • Amelie In Oz

    Yes! I agree with this.

    And imagine if you’re plus, without boobs, with no hips, and living in Asia! That was me >2 years ago.

    • OMG I can get that, I spent some time shopping with my sister in Japan… Nothing for me, some XXL’s for her (then a size 12…). I cannot imagine the struggling that is attempting to fill a wardrobe.

  • Leanne

    I love clothes and fashion but hate it when you are plus size and they think we want to dress like grannies or bright floral clothing with no sleeves what a joke😠My slimmer friends just think i magically but my outfit together it takes hard work and lots of money as we just cant walk into everyday shores😕plus i find it hard to order overseas 😕i do love #27sundays and they are Australian ☺☺

    • We certainly have to continue to use our voices to ask for modern, classic and on trend pieces that won’t cost us a weeks pay. And lol, don’t talk to me about florals, I can’t even DEAL with florals.

  • So true! I’m a 14/16 and so I also miss out on those cute, affordable boutique stores… The kind that sell cute dresses for $50. I can buy dresses for $50 but thats usually because they’re on sale.
    I have faith some hip entrepreneur will see the gap in the market and start one up!

    • Ahh yes, the struggle of the inbetweenie. People assume the best of both worlds, but usually not.It’s still a hunt, a dig and a scramble.

      We must hang in there, that’s been the motto. ASOS does a good job filling this gap bringing such a wide variety of price ranges, but while it’s online it’ll never look like it does for the consumer who can just walk in store, pick and buy.

  • thank you, so freaking hard. I lived in Black, Black and Black for years. With the odd coral or red (I freaking hate coral almost as i hate red) So limited. GREAT bloody post girl, thank goodness for you!

    • I loooove black clothing (though with my colouring, I should be moving away from it a little, lol) but even I get sick of it being the only option. Thanks Louisa, we just keep saying something and hopefully things continue to change.

  • Janina Lear

    I am tall so find something plus size with length is always a struggle. I do not do short.

    • I hear you, I’m moderately tall myself, but my thing is a long torso, short’ish legs (for my height anyway). Have you seen Long Tall Sally? Not sure what their situation is with postage to your location, but they have a pretty fun social media that I love following. x

      • Janina Lear

        I will go check it out…thank you

        • No problem. At least follow the social even if the clothes don’t work, it’s so fun. 😉