I’m going to let you in on a little secret here today people. Something only fat girls know. Okay, maybe not just fat girls, but this one is about fat girls. Maybe girls who wear a size 6 too, in their own version of things. A secret struggle when it comes to creating the perfect outfit. To blogging about fashion and calling it fatshion. I’ve stumbled across website comments that say ‘why don’t they {mean plus size fashion bloggers} just call it fashion blogging? Why separate yourself?’ To which I would like to reply along the lines of this from Sophie.

Sophie says “When a much thinner person compliments my outfit, I don’t think they fully understand what they’re complimenting. Sometimes I feel like saying, “You’re complimenting me assuming that I just strolled into the mall, saw this and bought it, like you do when you’re shopping.” It is probably my persistence in the lifetime pursuit of decent clothing that fit me that you should be complimenting!

As Lesley Kinzel says, “It is my ferocious tenacity in hunting for discounts, deals, and dragging heretofore unknown plus size options from the caves of fatshion obscurity into sunlight…I SLAYED A F@#KING DRAGON BEFORE I COULD BUY THIS DRESS. THAT IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE COMPLIMENTING!”

Even so, I’m thankful for the compliments all the same xoxo”

That’s why it’s different. It takes something to create a great plus size look. Our overseas sisters from the US and UK have a range of options available to them. Even when the choices are more limited than mainstream shoppers. We complain. We rally together and point out places to shop. Fatshion bloggers of all sizes slaying that darn dragon. And me, well I’m a size 20/22. If I was larger, and I have been, it continues to get harder. For me there are a few Australian stores I shop in, I supplement this occasionally with an overseas order. Bit by bit I’ve added to my stable of reliable brands that I shop with.

That I trust.

Nothing like when I was in my early twenties and living in peasant skirts because that is all I could find to wear. Seriously. I did. Me. The pencil skirt loving, body con dress wearing, peplum fiend, lived in peasant skirts. And YES they were as unflattering as you are imagining they would be on me. And always in browns and I HATE brown in my clothing. There was simply no options out there. At the time I was a 24/26 in Autograph clothing, sometimes I could order from SARA via Ezibuy. Finding clothes was ridiculously hard.

Maybe you could keep that in mind next time you see a plus size lady wearing something a bit questionable. I urge you too in fact. If you must think anything thinks about what she must go through to find clothes that fit, never mind clothes that are fashionable. Never mind clothes that are AFFORDABLE. Gah. It’s a rant I’m not even prepared to deliver yet. It’s just a brewing thought. I would be interested to hear other ladies thoughts on this too. Do you find it hard to buy affordable, fashionable clothes in your size?

It’s something my sister, normally a size 12/14 is finding difficult at the moment {25 weeks pregnant and wearing a 16/18}. I just keep repeating the same line. Welcome to me LIFE! Welcome, I hope you don’t have to stay long. It kind of sucks here. What I wouldn’t give to have cheap accessible trendy type stuff. I guess that’s why I lean towards more classic styling. There are no exceptional op shops around for me to be eclectic. There are high-end stores to even attempt a high-end look, not that their clothing would fit me anyway. So if I’m going to pay hundreds of dollars for an item, I want to be able to wear it for aaaaages.

Imagine if I didn’t like black clothes! Sheesh.

So thank you for the nice things you say. Short, tall, fat, thin and everywhere in between. Like Sophie said, I appreciate it. I just wanted to add a little insight into what it takes to create these outfits and share my experience as a plus size shopper so you know it’s not just you. Or maybe, you’re reading this and had no idea. Well, I’m not anything special, but because you don’t know if you don’t know. It’s a battlefield out there and cute outfits are the prize.

What’re your big clothes shopping gripe? And please don’t say no sleeves on plus size clothes, I may scream. Haha.  

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