When I posted about where to buy wide fit boots last time, I had no idea how badly you guys wanted to know where the heck to shop! It remains to this day one of the most popular posts on this blog. And because a lot of you added suggestions to the original post, I thought I’d do a follow-up. I am, after all, a bit of a whore for traffic. And being helpful, of course, and window shopping online, the one place I like to window shop. Soooooo welcome to part two! Give the people what they WANT!


Where to buy wide calf boots for plus-size women (part two!)


This post is more about the wide fit calves or at least an option to select calf width. Some of the brands tailor the fit of the foot; others, it’s a more standard fit at the foot but wider at the calves. Which was something that some of you with normal width feet but larger calves were looking for? So, read the description below and do all your usual research with calf and width measurements etc., if you’re looking to purchase.  How many time can one girl say calves and wide in a sentence, right? LOTS.

Also, other than SARA {via Ezibuy} these brands are more of your premium boots brands where you will expect to be paying upwards of $200 for a pair. I know that’s not going to work for some of you, but I know that when commenters mentioned these brands, they assured me that they were worth it. It’s perhaps it’s quality over quantity thing here. That said, let’s get this show on the road!


Bennetts Boots for wide calves


Bennett’s Boots was one of the first brands recommended to me in the last post. I don’t have any personal experience with them, but the readers here who had tried them raved about them. With extra-wide calf widths, they work beautifully for those who require a little more room. The sizing chart is a thing of wonder with listings for every part of the foot and leg, so get your measuring tape and get measuring. There are also reviews on most of the boots to give you an idea of fit and quality, and let’s say that the range is pretty darn impressive. Massively so!   The Adele boot is one of my wardrobe investment pieces hit list. Just gorgeous.

Shop Bennetts Boots. 


Boot for Broads wide fit boots


Another mention was Boots for Broads, and when I went over to check it out, I was impressed by this collection for the modern classic styling. All the new season boots look very new season with modern colours and styles, but I believe they’ll be just as at home in a wardrobe in a few years. Beautiful detail works, and that’s not even the kicker. These boots are custom-made for your measurements. Seriously. Starting from $280 for knee-high boots, this is outstanding value for a custom fit. Oh dear lord, won’t SOMEONE please pick me up a pair of those mustard boots! Gah. Perfection. And those red cowboy boots? Sigh.

Shop Boots for Broads (now Silk Sisters).


My Size Boots for wide calves


While I knew about My Size for clothing, I didn’t realise that their range included wide calf boots in sizes 38 – 41 with three levels of widths. I think they may be seasonal, though, so don’t stress if they’re not there when you go looking. The sizing chart looks detailed enough to get you a decent fit if ordering online or boutique stores across Australia. It’s a small range at the moment with 4 boots in the range, some in brown or black. With prices from $199, I would expect the same level of quality that is synonymous with the brand’s clothing. Let me know about your experience with My Size boots if you have any; I’m very curious to hear about it.

Shop My Size.

SARA via Ezibuy Boots for wide calves


Currently, I have three pairs of SARA boots. I generally wear a size 11, but the only pair of SARA boots that fit me is 12. While older, size 11 boots had wider widths in calves, I found them to be pretty standard, if not a little narrow, in foot width, which for my broad foot hasn’t worked out. I’m not sure if this has changed, but my experience with the last pair was that the customer feedback comments and sizing guide were accurate, so I highly recommend using them.

The SARA brand is more of a fashion brand, and you’ll find synthetic materials and more affordable prices {, similar to many of the boots in the first post, such as Autograph}. My brown boots from the recent Aussie Curves: Boho post is from SARA, and I couldn’t be happier with them. There are loads of great options there this season which is such an exciting thing to see. Yay!

Shop SARA.


So there you go, that’s part two of the where to buy wide fit boots. Let me know if you know of any more places we should be buying boots or if there is something you have been desperately searching for and can’t find. I’ll do my best to hunt them down and share the links. I’m still working on the stockings and tights post, apparently finding plus size stocking is a pain in the butt. Sometimes literally. But next up I was thinking cute jumpers {sweaters} or knit tunics might be in order. I’ll keep you posted!


part one: Where to Buy Wide Fit Boots


Autograph Fashion

For the past couple of seasons, I have picked up at least one, if not two, pairs of boots from the Autograph range. The first year there was a black pair and a brown pair, and that was pretty much it—boy, how the range has grown since then. Exciting news of the new red boots spread like wildfire through the Aussie Curves ladies, and if you head online, you’ll see the range covers a lot of bases. Sized to a size 12 and priced at around $100, these are a great value boot, especially for their price point.

City Chic

One of the first times I met Dani from Danimezza.com, she was wearing a pair of heeled City Chic boots, and I couldn’t help but ask about them. They were a gorgeous fit, and she was running around like a madwoman in them, so they must have been comfy enough. A couple of years later, Dani still has those boots, and they are still just as fab. A good quality boot will do that for a girl. The City Chic boots have a higher price point, but the previous seasons have been worth the money if the reviews are anything to go by. I would love a pair of wedge suede boot myself. They’re on my list!

Duo Boots

This brand approached me to review their boots for the blog. Having heard some great things online and being a bit of a boot fiend, I replied that I would and pointed out a pair I’d love to test drive. It turns out }awkward} they weren’t offering me a pair. They were requesting a review. I told them I would file the idea away should I ever need it and thanked them for thinking of this blog. So when doing this post, there is no way I could go past them even though I’ve never personally tried them. There’s a HUGE selection of boots that you can order in various widths and sizes. Well worth a look, for sure.

TS 14 Plus

The first pair of boots in the TS14+ range has hit the online store, and I expect that there will be more to come. Last year TS14+ had some amazing boots. So keep an eye out for more coming soon. Until then, these cute and really on-trend ankle boots should get you started. Loving the chunky heel, I bet that makes them SUPER comfortable.


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