Howdy Sugers, good morning it’s Boho week! I actually had no idea how to tackle boho week in my own style. You’ve heard about my hatred for peasant tops and the majority of earthy tones. I have maxi skirts and dresses but most of them lack the feel of the boho style. In the end, I channelled Nina of Channel Ten’s hit series Offspring and went with comfy, cosy layers with texture and interest.

I started with the most distressed looking jeans I own, a light washed skinny from ASOS Curve a few years back. I added a hi-lo tunic from Autograph with a silky feel, pockets and button-down front. Then came the cardigan, scarf, belt and boots. I considered toning down the bright pink cardigan with a grey or navy but gave myself a bit of rope to use the brights.

I looked everywhere here for a cute jacket that wasn’t too structured or formal… It turns out, I don’t own any. I’m a blazer fan and this is Queensland baby.Β While I would have loved a jacket or something to finish the look I’m really happy with how it turned out. It has that bohemian feel, I think. The silkiness of the top work well with the rough knit of the cardigan. The layers add interest and it’s relaxed but polished.

Relaxed but polished is my favourite part of modern boho. Nothing makes me happier than relaxed fit t-shirts, long layers, looped scarves and jeans tucked into boots at the moment. It’s easy and stylish all at once. Relaxed too. I highly, highly recommend getting some of it into your outfit rotation sometime soon. I’m sure the ladies will have plenty of inspiration for you!

Tunic – Autograph Fashion {2010’ish}
Jeans – ASOS Curve
Cardigan – Mix Apparel
Boots – SARA {2012}
Scarf – Autograph Fashion
Belt – From another dress.


How would you interpret boho?

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