We woke before dawn; I could hear them outside my home. The morning air was crisp, and it assisted to carry their voices across the lawn to where I lay attempting to rouse myself enough to stand. “Whos idea was this?” I asked Mr Suger sleepily “we need to have better ideas”. He agreed. Pre-dawn, everyone agrees.

Moving about the house brushing my teeth, I peek through the blinds at the cars forming a parking lot in our street. A loud peal of laughter echoes in the darkness. I half-smile wondering what they are laughing about out there. It sounded festive out there. Jovial even. I was ready to join them.

Pulling on a jumper and dragging on some sneakers I ventured into the darkness. The crisp morning air tickles my nose. They hear me leave the house and start moving towards me in the darkness. Quieter now, sensing I am still getting my bearings. I call out to Mr Suger to join me outside, to hurry up.

Together we peel back the dew covered layers to reveal the treasures below. The treasure, after all, is what they are here for this morning. The gather together bonded by mornings and the love of the hunt. I’d say chase, but things are pretty slow-moving at this time of morning. They amble down my driveway and greet me as the first of the sun’s rays break the horizon.

They show up early those garage sale lifers. And then, we begin.

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