A week or so ago I asked on the Facebook wall if anyone had any suggestions for post. An item of clothing they were having an issue styling or something they wanted to see. I said I would try to cover them on here if I could. Feel free to leave more suggestions in the comments, if I can do them, I will. Sarah asked how I would wear shorts, just above the knee. Which is easier given my recent purchases at BigW and these cute Torrid denim shorts given to me by Liv.

I’m fairly recent to the shorts thing. Even though I spent the majority of my developmental years in shorts, I hadn’t worn them for years. As a kid I loved those big baggy cargo pants that were worn low with fitted tee’s. I loved jeans, lined pants {Dear 90’s, I hate you}, track suit pants and board shorts. I loved anything that wasn’t a skirt or a dress or too girly. It turns out if you add a basic stripe tee to just about anything I’ll wear it. The sneakers are a nod to the old days.

My simple tips for wearing shorts are;

  • Find shorts that fit! A good fit will stop all that awkward movement. You know what I mean, right? upwards, movement. A downfall of badly fitting shorts is that you’ll spend your day pulling them down in the leg and out of your butt. Look. There. I said it.
  • Find a length that suits your legs. For me, it’s a few inches above my knee. Anything lower and it kills the shape of my leg and cuts it off. For some people a tapered cropped length is perfect. Try them on to work it out for yourself.
  •  Add layers if you feel a little exposed in just shorts and a tee. A light cardigan or tunic with shorts poking out the bottom will give you more coverage as a bit of a security blanket.

You can check another shorts look featuring my aqua BigW shorts in this post. That outfit provides an example of point three above about getting a little more coverage. Adding a tunic but still managing to be a casual, comfortable outfit to wear. Which is the whole point of wearing shorts, I think. I wore mine out to breakfast, to the markets, sitting in a park and home again without any issue of comfort or that awkward ‘riding up’ feeling I talked about above.

So who out there loves shorts?

Sunglasses – BigW

Tee – Avella for BigW

Shorts – Torrid

Sneakers – Converse

{no brand associations exist at this time}

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