This weekend, this long weekend in sunny, gorgeous Queensland was all kinds of confusing. Perfect one minute, random clouds but no rain the next. I changed my mind about what to do almost every single day. Saturday was sunny, gorgeous weather for the local seafood festival but hubby was working, so I was indoors doing a bit of the same. The plan was to go to my sister’s birthday party then on Sunday go to the markets to restock the vegetable supply and then have some lunch out and about in the sunshine.

But you see the weather on Sunday had other plans…

Overcast. Warm, then really chilly. A bit of rain. But not that much. So we dressed for our picnic/market adventure anyway and went about our day. We did end up picnicking in our living room though. It turned REALLY cold and this outfit is built for summer days, not windy chilly ones! And shorts, well, I had originally planned to wear with an outfit with coloured jeans. Of course. Roll up the hems and call it a day. But realistically, when it gets hot around here, you just wouldn’t wear jeans even if you DID cuff them up. Not all the time, but most of it. I wore cheap and cheerful BigW shorts and I LOVE THEM.

How gorgeous is the print on this tunic blouse from Virtu!?

It’s called the stained glass tunic blouse and it’s all kinds of beautiful. More muted in colour than I expected before it arrived but it pairs beautifully with any number of other colours. Mint, pink, beige, white or blue! Like here. I imagine lime, orange, coral and brown would work too. It does have the keyhole arm thing that makes me shake my head, but I was willing to overlook that this one time. I can see it doing all sort of occasions from a day at the beach to dinner on a balmy summer’s night. Gosh, I’m ready for Summer! I’ going to get a white singlet top to put under it so I don’t get the neckline and arm interference from the white tee. But with the blouse open, it works.

Sunnies – BigW

Tee – Avella for BigW

Stained Glass Tunic Blouse – Virtu {Gifted}

Shorts – Avella for BigW

Flip flops – Β KMart

{some brand associations apply, please see my disclosure policy}

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