I’m a goals kind of girl. It’s truer than true. I also go through phases were my goals change regularly. But something I’ve never had was a bucket list. Thinking of my time off over Christmas/New Year and what I wanted to do I figured now was as good as time as any to start one.

A summer bucket list.

I’d need more time to come up with a lifetime spanning one. Indecision and overthinking would see to that. Though, to be fair, anything can go on a bucket list. Hmmmm. Worth considering, for sure. Do you have a bucket list? My sister does. She’s even assigned people to complete items if they are incomplete when she dies.

It’s a thing. Trust me.

But, back to the point. Back to my plans for summer and what I want to do, see, eat, and have come the end of Summer which I’m calling my birthday on the 24th March. Ready, here we go!

BBQ more often

Learn to make a killer marinade

Eat more greens

Drink more water

Vlog once a week

Eat outside once a week

Go Camping

Buy Kel a kayak {and maybe use it}

Swim more

Read 5 books for no reason

Have a sleepover party

I’m going back to full-frame with
the Nikon D750 and some type of prime lens {35-50mm}.

Drink more water Spend more time with Liv 😉

Spring clean my office

Learn to make macrons or bake something

Let my sister plan an adventure

Write something every day


There we go! That’s my summer list. It’s random and I feel like as I go I might add some more things to it. I want to have one of those summer’s that are easy and you feel good when you wake up in the morning. It might sound like a lot of pressure to put on a summer, but I believe in the magic of summer.

Plus, I’ve got some time off, anything is possible.

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