Use the freshest ingredients you have. If you can grow it, even better. If you can’t stop trying. That’ll never change.
Clean the kitchen as you go. Wipe down, throw scraps in a bag, stack dishes and bowls nicely. Or you will push ME OVER THE EDGE. Really.
Gas stoves heat faster, are more consistent and produce a better result. But electric stoves never take off your eyebrows. I’m just sayin’.
Read the recipe before you start. All the way through. At least once. Twice or three times is better.
Find your specialty dish and stick with it. My Mum has clung to savory mince as her signature dish forever. She doesn’t cook much else. but she nails that savory mince.
Don’t fall for the ‘if I make a big mess they’ll never make me cook again’ bit {a Hubby favourite}. Make them clean up too and see how tidy they can be!
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