I’m finally back with where to buy plus size jackets for work. After one I scheduled got eaten by the internet and lost half of the links in the process. I just didn’t get around to fixing it until now. So, here we go. Following on from tops for work and bottoms for work, jackets for work!

This is the last in our impromptu ‘where to buy’ series on plus size work wear. Of course. How could I forget that classic work wardrobe staple, the jacket!? Thanks for the suggestion, ladies, this is the perfect way to finish up. Though, I am tempted to do a “dresses for work” post… Let me know if you’d be into that.

But for now, let’s talk plus size jackets for work!

As a Queenslander, jackets never really rank high on my lists of priorities. But the perfect work jacket can make your whole work wardrobe POP. Some of the ones I’ve found are exactly that kind of jacket. Others are a little more low-key and will suit those classic dressers amongst us. Either way, I’m hoping there is something for everyone here. Plus, a large number of the ones selected come in more than one colour!

Double win.

where to buy plus size work jackets - suger coat it

where to buy plus size work jackets - suger coat it

ONE ASOS Curve Funnel Neck Slim Fit Coat  | TWO Eloquii Ruffle Sleeve Blazer
THREE Belle Bird Ponte Tie WAist Coat | FOUR Eloquii Studio Ruffle Blazer
FIVE Tie Neck Peplum Blazer {5 colours!} | SIX City Chic Cute Lining Blazer
SEVEN City Chic Sharp Cape Blazer | EIGHT Eloquii Long Line Vest
NINE ASOS Curve Premium Slim Line Coat | TEN ASOS Curve Cocoon Coat
ELEVEN City Chic Drapey Frill Jacket

where to buy plus size work jackets - suger coat it

There you go, team! I hope that rounds out your work wardrobe. Next week I’m looking at something a little more casual. So, watch this space. And as always, if you’re looking for something you just can’t find, make sure you let me know. I’m happy to go shopping with other people’s money. Haha. Until then, have a great weekend.

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