plus size stripe casual oufit long vest summer spring-3

When it comes to stripes, I just can’t get enough of them. I’m team stripes and the stripe’ier the better. So on Saturday afternoon I donned my mismatched stripes and my new boohoo plus white vest, and we went driving. Mr Suger and I like to do that sometimes; have Hybrid, will travel and all that. We had nothing planned that night for the first time in ages and decided to just kill some time hanging out.

With the windows down and ‘Shake It Off’ cranked on the car stereo (yes, we are those people) we drove the winding roads behind where we live. Wind in our (my) hair and singing loudly and badly we pass the time talking and laughing. Somewhere into the afternoon I decided we should stop, grab some photos and then grab a blue frozen Fanta. And let me tell you, I was glad we did it in that order when I spilt blue liquid all down my pristine white longline sleeveless white vest.

Le sigh.

Thank goodness for Napisan.

This vest only arrived last week, and I’ve already factored it into two outfits. I had to order the UK22 (normally I’d get the UK24) because the larger size was sold out. It works, but I would have liked that bit extra coverage in the front. Not that it’s hurting the wearability. I think next month when I tackle iCurvy’s 30 in 30 wardrobe challenge this is going to be one of my go-to pieces for versatility. For work and play which is going to be a tricky thing for me.

plus size stripe casual oufit long vest summer spring-1 plus size stripe casual oufit long vest summer spring-5 plus size stripe casual oufit long vest summer spring-4 plus size stripe casual oufit long vest summer spring-6

Stripe Tee – Emerson for BigW (size 18) – Instore now
Stripe Skirt – Avella for BigW (size 22) – last year
White longline sleeveless blazer – (size 22 – 24 back in stock)
Tan Strap Heels – Target Australia – last year

plus size stripe casual oufit long vest summer spring-2

So stripes, we love them, right? And white clothes as long as there is Napisan, we love them too, yes? And can I just mention there is no black in this outfit at all. I win this round brighten my wardrobe challenge, better luck next time.

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