Around here we are BIG fans of the monochrome outfit. So when the team at Target Australia asked me to share some of the new items from the Belle Curve range stacked high with khaki goodness. From that moment, I knew I’d tackle monochrome outfits. I’m a planner, what can I say? And I’m really, really into khaki right now.

I mean, check out my Instagram lately. It’s ridiculous.

So with items selected from the collection (and a few extras it turns out, check out this beauty I wore to work that ended up a bit too formal for this outfit) and some I’d purchased earlier this year. I had a sea of khaki, and I wasn’t afraid to use it.

In the end, I went for a casual combination (this maxi was $15 FULL PRICE, whoa) paired with a sleeveless vest and white tee to show off the monochromatic theming. Plus nude shoes because that’s always a god thing. So how do you give YOUR monochrome outfit a little bit of extra oomph? I’ve got your back, like this!

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How to give your monochrome outfit oomph.

Colour game strong

Well, first of all, you kick the black to the kerb. All black is all kinds of perfection, don’t get me wrong. And just the right mix of such things are all a girl needs to kick some fashion goals, but black on black on black is great, monochrome in colour is next level. It might even be cooler than double denim. Probably not, but maybe. So go top to toe in your favourite colour and really show them who is boss. Bonus points for brights! Haha.

Warm vs. Cool

When you’re pairing ALL your next level coloured goodness together, you’re going to want them to work together. The simplest way to do this is to match the TONES of your colours. The green in this outfit is cool toned. If I were adding pieces, I would look for similarly toned items to add so they worked together. Easy.

Work the nude

If you can’t match your shoes or accessories, go for nude. Reach for your classic nude shoes or bag and you won’t detract from the monochrome effect. And sure I’ve paired my key colour with white here, but monochrome doesn’t seem to count shades for whatever reason. Haha. I don’t know the rules, I just yap on about them, ok?

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Wearing all Target Australia items from the current collection. Shop online here.

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