Layered in 17 for summer is the title of this post because the team has sent me a massive parcel from their new season release so I can try ALL the things. I like to think of myself as the unofficial 17 Sundays mascot. I’m like the dude in a panda suit cheering on the sidelines, shaking my butt and waving my pom poms. That happens right? I’m a fan, short version, and I’m proud as punch to be again working with this brand, especially this team.

But enough fan-girling for now. Let’s talk this outfit.

Dress. Awesome. Print, soooo spectacular. Length, super cute (I’m almost 5’11 for reference). Fabric, light and yet structured enough to be crazy flattering. I’ve seen a few of the ladies wear theirs to dressy casual Christmas parties and work functions, and I can see why. It’s easy to wear, but it’s got that extra bit of oomph to make it special. And I’m going to go there and say it’s cool to have a summer dress that is black free. I know, who AM I?

The dress. Wonderful. Got it. But what about the fact I’m wearing a bomber jacket IN SUMMER?

Those who know me know that I run a little hot. Sweaty and shiny would be the accurate. Well, this sure as heck wouldn’t be possible in the middle of the day but come 5pm or so most days I’ve been pulling it on over whatever I’m wearing because it’s THAT good. If you wanted a light and easy to wear bomber jacket. Take a look at this one. The fabric is soft and the sleeves slouchy enough to bunch at the elbows (possibly my favourite thing ever). Highly recommended.

Summer style sorted. Casual after work outfit sorted. Rambling fan-girl post sorted. My work here is done! Haha. Or is it!? There are lots of samples arriving from all corners at the moment, so brace yourself! I have some photos with Liv and Em coming up to show off some new season gear in our usual girl gang style. There’s also new items coming from Hope & Harvest plus not one, but TWO giveaways. Phew. Tis the season to be busy, right? You guys are going to love it.

Smoke & Mirrors Cinched Dress – 17 Sundays (size 24 – gifted)
Yours Forever Bomber – 17 Sundays (size 24 – gifted)


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