How-to wear plus size denim joggers, as told by me. The owner of this blog and general wearer of such things. Jogger pants are the best of both world for me, half jeans and half slouchy tracksuit pant, so when they came to plus size clothing stores, I was IN. So in. Let’s take a look at how I wear them. And can I just tell you, this little project has now been a week in the making so other than being OVER IT, I’m proud to present, my first ever how-to wear that video.

How to wear Denim Joggers | Plus Size Lookbook

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Style tips for wearing plus size Denim Joggers

Find your fit. For me, in a jogger pant, I want comfort as much as I want a great fit. The ones I’m wearing are a little snug at the waist (that’s not on the pants, that’s all me) but the fit on the legs is close where you want it close. I have a tendency to size too far up, especially after I wear them in, and lose the shape around the legs. So, keep looking team, find your fit.

Show some ankle. A denim jogger pant outfit needs a bit of ankle. That bit of skin helps to bring the whole look together so don’t be afraid to roll or cuff to get it. I love how the lace up shoe works with this look because it gives that skin down the ankle. It feels like it helps to elongate the leg when joggers can be a little bit responsible for shortening it.

Dressing them up rocks. I love wearing my joggers for casual, slouch around type outings. It’s the best. Easy to look put together and comfy. But don’t underestimate the jogger pants for a really put together evening look. I know we’re talking about denim here, but I have a pair of pleather joggers that I LOVE for evenings when it’s a little cooler. So hot.

Don’t be afraid of the crotch/belly combo. A lot of plus size women I know fear the pant for the crotch or belly displayed. I get it, people have been telling us for decades to hide our stomach and look thinner. But here’s the thing, you can keep worrying about that forever and not wear what YOU like, or you can just go for it. And I think you’ll find that the shape of the plus size denim jogger gives you more room around the stomach than your average jean.

Looking for Joggers? Try here.

My favourites (of course) – 17 Sundays. They have so many in their current range there is something for everyone. Try the cross front ones in the dark grey, life changer, I promise. The white ones I’m wearing are the War Paint cut in white. They’re a little more generous than the Finks if you’re comparing the two and a very similar fit to the knit joggers but with less stretch. I have them all, pretty much, so if you have a question about sizing or fit, let me know.

Keep an eye out on the blog next week and I’ll be sharing some more images from the shoot. Photos, so many photos! But until then, feel free to ask about the different items and where they came from. I’m happy to answer in the comments or refer you to existing posts featuring them. And if you enjoyed this video, I’m open to suggestions about what the next one should be.



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