Welcome bloggers to a must read post. How to coerce, bribe and force your partner to help with your blog. Lovingly, of course. I mean lovingly, really I do. We love our partners, friends and family. We love our blogs. So sometimes it’s essential for the two to meet, to interconnect and intertwine. So how do you get your partner/sibling/cousin/friends involved to take photos, participate in events or posts and generally be behind the blog?

How indeed. I’ve got the hot tips for you. They’ve been a long time coming. You’re welcome.

Ease them into it

Mr Suger didn’t start out his role as blog wingman all in one giant leap. First he took an iPhone photo here or there, then an outfit photo, then he attended some of the events. It developed over time and for us that worked really well. We eased him into Blog Life. He had the opportunity to meet the people I worked with there, and loved it. Soon he was suggesting content ideas and photos. Go slow, introduce them around and soon you’ll find support from those you love, and if you don’t, hmmmm, questionable.

Be nice

The person you are asking to help is doing so because you asked them to. They like you, so they said yes. So a word of caution from the wise and not-so-wise, sometimes with outfit photos in particular, it’s not pretty. I turn into this demanding, bitchy, pain in the butt sometimes (ok, all the time) when it comes to getting decent photos for the blog.

I blame it on posing for photos out and about in public. It’s embarrassing and sometimes you feel like a tosser. For me, that anxiety can cause me to be a little sharper than I need to be. And by sharp I mean screaming are you an idiot? How many times do I have to tell you crop from here, mad hang gesture, not here! SIGH. Believe me, when I’m barking orders, wagging my finger and sneering it’s going to take something special to make him want to come back. So try to rein that part in. Express what’s going on (soooo embarrassing, anxiety overload) and hope they understand… And if they don’t, move on to the next level…

The bribes

When times are tough in blog spouse world there are always the bribes. For Mr Suger it was Frozen Cokes. I was the happiest kid in the world when they started selling those babies for $1! There is not much in blog world that Mr Suger won’t do for a well-timed Frozen Coke. We often joke that sex is another bribe. But what can I say, when you’re all dressed up, hamming it up for the camera, that has its own power. Wink wink. You’re welcome.

The blog bribes

Different to the bribes you purchase yourself, the blog bribes are the upsides and incentives you can offer because of your blog. It’s the tickets to a movie screening for date night, the new sunscreen from that PR company, it’s workout gear for your sis. I found people super keen to be involved when there was a little something something for them. It’s human nature.

When you are reviewing PR opportunities that hit your inbox, consider how the blog helpers might like the items. And if it still fits your content, go for it. That said, on occasion I have sourced some serious post opportunities that no only require feedback on items for the post but photos and social media mentions. It’s important that you give people a chance to opt out if they aren’t interested. Don’t rush in and say yes on an assumption. You have to ask, they have to commit, it’s business after all.

The laughs

The best part about having Mr Suger join in the blog stuff, from the photos to the events is that I love spending time with him. It’s the best. And the times I’ve included my family in posts have always been a laugh. They find the entire world of blogs and creating blog content so weird and foreign that we had a great time. Even if my Dad still won’t have his face on Facebook. And you know us, we are all about a person’s right to choose.

The demand

If all else fails and your partner, your friends or family won’t be involved then you need to tell them WHY it’s so darn important to you in the first place that they take part. I have never had an issue yet when I said to someone “I love you, you’re important to me, can you help me please?”. And why wouldn’t they? Well maybe you’ve been a jerk. Maybe they feel a little neglected thanks to your blog and resent it a little. Well that’s all on you. Fix that and hopefully they’ll get involved. And by hopefully I mean, they better (waves fist menacingly).  HA.

Do you blog? Does your partner help you out? What about your friends and family? Who do you have on your blog team? 

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