As you’re aware, the YouTube obsession is high over here at the moment. And you can’t be on YouTube without coming across some content from the big guy that is Buzzfeed. Part of their content strategy seems to be ‘we try stuff so you don’t have to’. Excellent! I love stuff.

So, I thought maybe what I need is a little Buzzfeed-inspired challenge for myself on the blog. I’m enjoying trying more stuff out, writing more and all that jazz, so a challenge sounds like fun. But what to do first? That was a question.

A question answered by the overflowing with coffee cups and packages bin next to my desk at my day job. Could I survive a week without my takeout coffees, the eggs or the trips to the corner shop when I couldn’t be bothered packing lunch?

Could I go an entire week without spending any money?

Let’s see, shall we? I have groceries and paid my bills (most of them, I’m not a saint!) so I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Mr Suger has to pick up some milk today, but other than that, I’m good to go. Starting tomorrow I’m going to not spend anything until next Saturday night. Seven days. One week. Some amount of hours, math isn’t really my thing. So watch this space! I’ll update my Instagram Story with updates and if there are images involved they’ll be under #ProjectSuger. Wish me luck!

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