Check this out; it’s been awhile since we spoke about health and wellness on this blog, yeah? I had some stuff to figure out for myself about how I felt about my body, the way it’s told to exist in the world and all that. I didn’t want to continue to burden anyone here with more unlearned lessons about health. But today, I’m back to share something that matters.

Fat Yoga by Sarah Harry.

I requested a copy of this book for review. Yoga has always been something that interested me, in Uni the girls and I used to meet in one of our lounge rooms and bend and stretch to Geri Yoga a few nights a week. Usually followed by dinner and drinks. Spice Girls fans might remember it, most people won’t. Anyway, for better or worse that was my entire experience with Yoga.

But thank goodness for this book. If you’re interested, curious, and want to start at home, this could be for you. If you’re all those things and fat too, well it’s definitely for you. You see, most videos, books and even the YouTube clips focus on small bodies. Knowing how to handle a large body in these positions safely is not only helpful but will go a long way to ensuring that you don’t hurt yourself.

Because yes, that matters. 

Remember when I spoke about the pitfalls of plus size women starting out running? This book is like that. But with pictures to guide you through positioning your body in each pose and getting the most out of it. Because I don’t know about you, but even some of the most basic poses just don’t work with a serious amount of boob and belly in the way. Child’s pose? Ummm, yeah, right.

There are a few chapters, really easy reading, introducing you to ways to get in touch with your body, why body positivity matters and all that jazz we love to discuss here. Then, what Sarah does is give you the run down step by step to set up your practice and walk you through, in photos, all you could need to know.

The best part for me is that Sarah does this in Fat Yoga without judgment or an assumption that you’ll ever be smaller. It’s a refreshing change from all the conversation promising (demanding?) instant weight loss and lean muscle definition. Sarah just states it as it is, only referencing changes in your flexibility and competence with poses. As someone in the conversation for enjoying my body, using it as I will without an aim to force it to be anything, I enjoyed that. I think you will too.

And now, a giveaway. 

Good news, team, I’ve put together a little prize bundle! Firstly, I have a copy of Fat Yoga by Sarah Harry (you can buy one online here) to give away. Along with that, thanks to the author, I have a set of body positive affirmation cards. You’re going to love these. For some of you having access to this deck of cards will be a game changer. Change your thoughts one card at a time. I believe that wholeheartedly.

Add to the book and the cards a few goodies from me! Undetermined yet, but well, I’ll make sure they’re something good. I just think wherever possible I’m going to stalk you a little and add something to the package. Like, if you were a new Yoga do’er, maybe I’ll grab you some tights or a top. Who knows, but you get the idea, yeah? Bonus prize! This was so vague, my bad. Haha. It’ll be good. Trust me.

Want to win?? 

Leave a comment below sharing how Yoga (or moving your body) has or could make a difference to you living your biggest, best life! Dig deep team, for this entry, what you say matters. There’s another chance to win over on Instagram (it’ll require a little less soul-searching), so make sure you check that out. Entries close this coming Friday, the 7th July at 10 am. I’ll announce the winners on the Facebook page and Instagram later that day.

Good luck!

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