For some, it seems, Melissa is a tricky name to remember. Or perhaps it’s just a tricky name to pronounce. People try for Melissa and Michelle pops out. Or Melinda, or Marissa… Heck sometimes even Vanessa. Hubby thinks that maybe I mumble or don’t articulate it properly sometimes. After all most people who first meet us think his name is Calvin because of how I say Kelvin. But surely I’m better with my own name, less likely to roll a few sounds? Or maybe not.

That or people forget.

Which is the more likely of the scenarios, most of the time. After an introduction or me answering the phone they reach for the name nearest in their brain that sounds vaguely familiar. Meh. It happens. I was just amazed how in one day it happened three times. Last week, a friend of the family that I’ve known since I was 10 called me Michelle. I just kind of looked at him, like, what, really? Ummm no. The scary part is, he didn’t even correct himself, just kept on rolling with the conversation.

Maybe he thought I wouldn’t notice.

Since I was TEN dude. That’s like 20 years this year. TEN. Gosh. I think he might be suffering from super early onset dementia or something. Or he’s always thought my name was Michelle. It’s not, FYI, in case you’re wondering. Makes you wonder though, doesn’t it? Is Melissa really that difficult to remember or say? No, it really isn’t. BUT neither are most names and when I am answering incoming calls at the office I often mistake or completely stuff up people’s names. It has to be an inattention thing. So I smile and correct where I can, I don’t want to be Michelle for forever {not that there’s anything wrong with that} and go one my way.

I have bigger things to worry about.

Like, why people think I’m saying Calvin when I say Kelvin for example.

And which do I prefer anyway… Calvin IS a nice name.

Does this happen to you? Is your name mix-up-able?

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