A loose and casual summer beach dress is a wardrobe essential for me. The more the merrier in my wardrobe and I like to get as much wear out of them as possible. What I mean is that I don’t want them to be relegated to the beach and miss all the fun of dinner or a movie. I want the summer beach dress to go out on the TOOOOWN!

Let’s go out. We should go out. Want to go to dinner sometime? Let’s do it.

But how do you make a dress that covers your togs during the day out to dinner? That my friends is the easiest part. It’s about the shoes. Isn’t it always? It’s about choosing something with a bit of height and sophistication about them. Those shoes, they will take you anywhere. Let’s check mine out for a second and come back to it ok?

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Mine are a nude, stacked heel from Target. They are comfortable and easy to wear (which is also great for that summer vibe) but they are, as your Mum would say, dressy. The addition of the heel or wedge gives your outfit a put together look. That is the key. Pulling it together so it goes next level beach attire.

Another way I dress up just about any outfit at the moment is with my 17 Sundays capes. I have the navy, denim and khaki in my possession thanks to the team (for how much longer I don’t know, that Olivia has her eye on them). They are a great item for throwing over a dress or simple outfit to give it a little wow. You can use all kinds of throws, especially kimono or boho styled throws, for this.

The last thing I did was belt the dress with a tie from another dress I had at home. This enable me to draw this very loose styled dress in a little and shorten the length. The blousey feel is still there, the ease of the dress, but it’s a little more ready for dinner. Don’t you think?

Wearing 17 Sundays Harajuku Batwing Cape (Navy – M), Beme Print Dress (coming soon – 22), Target Australia Stacked Heel Nude Shoes (11 – similar’ish) and accessories from ASOS. 

Now is a perfect time to tell you that this isn’t the only time I’ve worn this look successfully. Well, I think successfully but each to their own. Check out this post featuring a bird print dress from Target in the US from last summer.

But before you go, do you wear your summer beach dress to dinner? How do you make it ‘worthy’ of such an adventure? Give us your hot tip.  

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