There is only one thing I love more than a sports movie, that’s a documentary or biopic. Real people, people with stories and lives. Lately, I’ve been working my way through the Documentaries section on Netflix and thought you might be keen to know what I’m loving.

One thing, though. Last time I did one of these sorts of posts, pretty much no one agreed with my choices. Haha. So, full disclosure, there’s a very good chance I have terrible taste in such things and should be ignored. But, let’s do this thing anyway.

Documentaries to watch on Netflix

netflix documentries
The Barclay Marathons

I loved this because I LOVE sports movies of all genres and if they’re based on a real story, then even better. Essential in a documentary context, but well worth the watch if people succeeding at something that seems impossible makes you happy.

netflix documentries


OMG, this woman has styyyyle. But not just that, I loved this documentary for its coverage of her relationships especially with her husband of a billion years. It’s a feel-good, be inspired to live an outrageous, amazing life type of movie and I just know you guys are going to love it. Watch it twice, there’s SO much to see.

netflix documentries

Gaga: Five Foot Two

OMG, this was easily my favourite ‘musician’ doco ever. And, I’ve seen SO MANY. I’m always impressed by people who succeed and remain multi-passionate; this is a whole new level. Something else I love is that as a woman she is unafraid to be demanding and precise when doing her ‘job’. That sort of assertiveness is something girls and women need to see more great examples of.

netflix documentries

The True Cost

Do you know who makes your clothes? Dive into the world of manufacturing and get real about the clothing you are buying in this fast-fashion world. I know, I was a fashion blogger once, but immediately after the Rana Plaza collapse, I stopped working with brands that didn’t fit the standards (as far as my research goes, please advise if I’m wrong). This documentary isn’t about shaming you into making smarter spending choices, it’s about the people’s lives who are compromised when you choose not to. The more you know, right?

netflix documentries

Franca: Chaos and Creation

A friend of mine put me onto this documentary about the editor of Italian Vogue as told by her son. Again, for me the take away here was relationships, being creative and leaning into the things that you do well and enjoy. It’s such a personal look at someone who has lived so much of their life in the public eye, that it has that real insider feel. You’ll enjoy this with a cup of tea and a biscuit on a quiet afternoon. It’s so beautifully done.


Oh man, I could have gone on all day. I’ll come back to biopics another day and maybe even just cover off on sports documentaries that I love. As I said, I’m pretty into the based on real events genre. Until then, enjoy your dive into some of my favourite documentaries, and if I’ve missed one you love, leave it in the comments!

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