Move one is done and pretty much dusted. We are housed in my sister’s front room taking more than our fair share of space in the garage and kitchen. Moving was exhausting, isn’t it always? But the biggest challenge is breaking my addiction to all things wifi and 4G coverage. I tell you what, I thought it would be tricky but it’s proving all kinds of difficult.

A humongous pain in my butt!

We use MYOB Live Accounts to run our businesses. We use Dropbox for our files. We use iTunes for our music, our movies and our television programs. Heck, I use the cloud for backing up all things so much so that my iBooks aren’t even on my local devices unless I’m reading them. We are up a certain creek without a paddle.

And yes, in this, the 2015 year, there are still places in the world where you DO NOT have access to broadband services. In those places you might also find that the phone reception sucks ass and you are working with barely enough for a phone call. Forget all about downloading anything worth seeing online.

It’s the fecking dark ages people.

It hurts.

But surprisingly, so far, we are managing.

Sure it means that the blogs are a little worse for wear content wise. But it does mean distraction free writing when I get the chance. It means Mr Suger and I work from our mobile internet when we are in town to get things done. Remind me to bump up those allowances, would you? But for the most part we have found that we just hang out after our new house mates go to bed. We chat and bond over our mutual missing of the interwebs. I even purchased and have started reading some new actual books.

And that, the hanging out, the just being, it has been nice. We are only three days in, so forgive me if I change my mind. But it feels like the detox we needed to have for our personal lives and our sanity. Business wise I want to rant and rave and tell off every service provider who dares raise their hand as an option in this area. I. WILL. TAKE. YOU. OUT. All of you. Swiftly. Haha.

So fingers crossed ladies and gents that the house we have put under contract has access to a broadband port, or at very least 4G reception for mobile. Because I’ve tried satellite internet and there’s just no going back there for me now. Not not that I’ve tasted high speed goodness. Not now I’ve become accustomed to just clicking things and they open!

Oh man I hope the new place gets internet. Worse than the pub with no beer is the blog with no net!

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