Welcome back to the final official part in the Budget Fashionista series. Thanks for playing along, for pinning, for sharing and for letting me know how you’re going. Always the best bit, seriously. So today’s post is about how do you keep up with latest trends, colours and style when you are a Budget Fashionista? How do you continue to maintain the wardrobe you’ve created and style it season after season so you don’t end up that lady still wearing blue eye shadow in early 2001?

I’m still learning this myself, for years I’ve either skipped trends or just laid low on them. Adding a dash of colour here and there to get me through. Now this is a pretty good strategy if you aren’t too worried about it all. If classic is your style, then rock it and keep on moving. But if you wanted to on trend and up to the minute I’d start by choosing a trend or two per season tops!

Seriously, they release like 50.

So you spend more money, I’ll bet.

plus size asos curve peplum outfit 001

Choose your key trends and look at affordable ways you can work them into your wardrobe. Peplum was easy for me, a top or two and I was done. Sure later addiction kicked in and I’ve now got 5 peplum tops, a skirt and a dress. But most were bought affordably on sale or second hand over at least 6 months now. I would have loved to have dipped my toe in the digital print trend {maybe I still will?} but it took me a really long time to find anything I liked that wasn’t going to cost me the earth. So I let it go. I’m sure you get the point.

By limiting the number of trends you are trying to incorporate you allow yourself a bit of room to move within your budget. If it’s a colour you’re chasing find an item of clothing, a pair of shoes or a bag. Accessories are a great way to incorporate on trend colours without spending a fortune.

plus size peplum dress 003

If the trend you’ve selected requires a commitment in style {multiple pieces of clothing, some shoes and accessories too} then sort out what you absolutely want and what can be left behind. Stay within your budget by using the tips in the earlier post. Perhaps like last week when we talk about reusing your items there are things in your wardrobe that if you wore them a little differently you can make them fit the new look you’re going for. Don’t think that everything has to be new. Sometime the basics are still the basics.

Something else to keep in mind is sometimes it’s possible to work with items you have in your wardrobe. Trends being what they are they come and go and come around again. This season there was LOTS of black and white on the catwalks. Easy, right? All of us have items we can fit into that. How very modern of you. Similarly floral is always in for Spring and jewel tones almost always make a comeback when it comes to Autumn/Winter.

That’s trends done, now what about maintaining your wardrobe? Well maintaining an up to date wardrobe requires regular clean outs and edits. Take out things you don’t wear anymore and sell the ones in good condition to reinvest the proceeds. Over time you’ll accumulate style and items that don’t work for you. Don’t be afraid to get rid of them. Continue to add the items on your essentials list to your wardrobe over time. Shop with that list and try not to stray from it. Chances are that if it wasn’t important enough to include on your list, then you don’t want or need it in your wardrobe. Invest in quality pieces where you can.

Just remember the rules Sugers and you’ll be fine. thanks for joining me. Next week I plan to share MY essential wardrobe list. I know some of you are REALLY keen to see that, so I’m doing my best to be through and include everything I can think of. Until then, here are this week’s challenges.

Budget Fashionista Square

Budget Fashionista Challenge:

  • Identify what your choice of key trends are for the upcoming season, take some time to figure out how you can incorporate them into your existing wardrobe or style.
  • Add key trend pieces to your ‘essentials list’ to keep an eye out for while you’re shopping.
  • Review how you have gone since setting your budget in week one. Do a tally, go back to the drawing board if you have to or congratulate yourself if things have gone well.
  • Try and wear something you own differently this week, check out my take on this in this week’s Being Brave post.
  • Pat yourself on the back! We made it. Well done.

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