Today’s post is all about making the most of what you have, adding unique pieces to your wardrobe and turning over old clothes for new ones. Like Talia said the other day, sometimes you just have ZERO budget for new clothes. For me, there’s just nothing more depressing that staring into a wardrobe and not being excited by anything {okay, slight exaggeration, but you know}.

What do you do when the budget is super tight and you’re just not feeling it, wardrobe wise, anymore? Well it’s time to get a little creative. It is time to use a bit of your resourcefulness and ingenuity. I know you’ve got it. Dig deep. Here are a few hot tips to get you moving again.


Reusing what is in your wardrobe is something that most of us do on a regular basis. Endless wardrobe of non-stop new clothes is something most of us only dream of. But how do you continue to wear the same items over again without them getting stale?

I thought about this one for a while. Considered it and I think the answer is that you continue to wear those items in different ways. I hate to refer you all back to Pinterest again, but I will, hop on and search for the item of clothing you have and the word outfit. For example, white shirt outfit. You’ll be met with hundreds and hundreds of ways that fashion types all around the interwebs have worn that white shirt.

Get inspired and try something new. There was a post I did a while ago featuring the photo just below. I’d been wearing this maxi skirt a lot. I’d picked it up from Kmart for $10 or $15 dollars. Bargain. But I needed a new look. The denim shirt, badges and boots were something I found online. It sparked enough interest to have me digging through the things I had to find something I could treat as new.

plus size chambray shirt with black maxi 006


Now this little tip requires a bit of special knowhow but there are some great tutorials online for restyling your clothes. T-shirts into skirts, dresses into pants and all sorts of things like that. Your aim here is to make those same pieces of clothing look different through crafty business.

There was one night months ago that I literally spent hours going through websites to teach myself to sew. I wanted to learn to make something. Frustrated never being able to find the items I needed or wanted, I was determined to make them. It turns out that I probably need to take some lessons.

But maybe for you, you’re more sewing inclined. Maybe you already have the skills set and can use the YouTube tutorials and how-to posts to your advantage. I certainly hope so. Knock me up a couple of circle skirts that will cover my butt, would you please!

For the less sew savvy amongst us, you can restyle too. I often wear a bodycon dress as a top with a skirt over the top {or tucked into wide legged pants}. I knot shirts and maxi skirts, belt up midi dresses to make them shorter and roll up cuffs and sleeves to give a different look. Try it. You’ll be amazed how many different ways you can restyle a garment without ever sticking a needle in it.

plus size retro outfit with stripe skirt 005


If the budget is low shopping at Op Shops and other thrift stores is a perfect opportunity to not only expand your wardrobe but to add something unique. Some of the most popular items in my wardrobe at 5 to 10 years old and I find that they add a little punch of individuality to my wardrobe.

There are plenty of blogs out there showing you the way in to thrift and op-shop like a pro. I’ve included a couple of links because apparently the best I can do is a vintage tiki style men’s shirt that never did fit me. I’m not your girl. I wish I was your girl, but I’m not. Sigh. One day I’m going to master the tricks of the op shopping trade. One day. Maybe after I finish those sewing lessons perhaps… But for now, try the following blogs for some how to guides and tips on op shopping;


Buy, Swap & Sell

The last tip of the week is the buy, swap and sell. Now this one will see you still spending money but it won’t be money you have to find. You’ll be selling old clothes for new clothes money. Win! This is one of my favourites, in fact I’m gearing up a load of clothes {mine and my relatives & friends} to once again sell them online. Selling old unused clothes for new ones is my favourite past-time. Haha.

Selling your old clothes can be done in all sorts of ways. On Facebook there are more and more buy, swap and sell pages and groups, ask people in your local area for recommendations on this one. List them on eBay or Gumtree, join in a local clothes market like Liv hosted in Brisbane last year, have a garage sale or set up a stall at a weekend market like Danimezza did.

So just do what it takes, because when you’re done, it’s shopping time! Score.

Other ideas to extend your wardrobe are clothes swap parties, trading or borrowing from a friend. If you have a friend or two that are a similar size to you take the time to check out each other’s wardrobes. I’ve been very lucky in the past to have been welcomed into some pretty awesome wardrobes. You may not swap the items forever; maybe it’ll just be a loan. Sometimes you might have a chance to buy something second hand at a great price. Keep your friends close ladies.

And that wraps up week four of the series, the final planned instalment is next week with keeping the ‘fashion’ in Fashionista. A post about how to stay on trend, continue to build your wardrobe and wardrobe essentials. Depending on the size of this one I may split it into two posts, but we’ll just see how that goes. Until then tell me one thing…

Do you reuse, restyle, recycle, buy, swap or sell??


Budget Fashion tasks this week;

  • Go through your closet, are there any quality items you could sell there?
  • Arrange to swap some clothes with a friend {near or far, it’s all Australia Post people}.
  • Take up the challenge and restyle a piece of clothing.
  • Try wearing something you already own in a way you never have before.


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