Olivia, the wonderful, outdid herself this weekend. The A Plus Size Wardrobe event was fun and friendly and well, the food was pretty darn extraordinary. I am a little biased when it comes to great food and drink. I like it fresh and yummy and plentiful. And it was all that and more. Even when I got overly excited and flung some on the floor. But oh my goodness was a sidetrack this is. It was after all about plus size fashion. So let’s try very hard to bring me back on track, shall we?

Today we loaded up my cousin’s car {mine is much too small, you see} and made the trip to Brisbane to sell off some of our clothes, shoes and stuff. We were {are?} complete market stall type newbies. Between Kylie and I we had over thought everything. How to display things, what to take, how to price items and all that type of thing. We had items sized between 14 and 24. We were ready and raring to go.

We made our first sale to the first lady through the door. Excitement was at a fever pitch. It dulled a little for our stall after that. Sure we would have liked to have sold more stuff, made more Christmas cash, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. It didn’t put much of a dampener on the day though, I chatted with the other stall holders, ate lots {did I mention that?} and spent some time with the plus size ladies of Brisbane.

By the way, other store holders reported bumper sales! I’m looking at you Liv! Haha. Such a successful day. I got home and felt like I needed a nap. But we were babysitting my 2 year old niece so there was no napping to be had. I’ll recover, I’m sure. Now scroll down and enjoy some photos. Because it turns out, taking photos is my new favourite way to tell the stories around here. It’s fun. I even finally got around to editing some of the photos from Plus Size Fashion Weekend. They’ll be on the blog later this week.

The end.

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